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Mini Chat is a free random cam-based chat service for people all over the world. Simply choose your country and gender and away you go! This is a fun and unique method of making new friends online!

The Mini Chat Brand

The Mini Chat brand has very little to say for itself. There is no About page or any information about the company/brand or where it sees itself in the market. Perhaps this is done purposefully, as the brand is not what’s important here. What is important is the chat – and allowing you to remain focused on this can only be a good thing.


As with most random video chat services, this one does not require a registration. In fact, the site begins to work as soon as you load up! You can sign in with Facebook if you wish to though – which is handy if you want to create a profile and meet other members with profiles too.

Desktop/Mobile Capability

Mobile functionality is made available via an app on both Android and iOS. This is great news for users who want to take their random video chats on the move with them. How good the connection is will of course depend on your network provider and your device.

User Experience

Our experience of Mini Chat was very similar to the experience of most other random video chat generators online. The site connection speed is great, the functionality is almost perfect and everything is clearly designed. The whole focus is on the camera sharing function as there aren’t any additional features or social activities to engage in. So the build of the site and service is great – but the experience of it not so much.

You will get a good laugh out of this, and some really surreal moments, when you start using Mini Chat for the first time. However, we expect the novelty will wear off quickly for most users and this quickly becomes a conversation with friends about something crazy you did – but would probably never do again.

It sounds like we are giving the site a really bad time – but we are not! For what it is and what it does, the site does it all perfectly. It’s just the whole idea and gimmick of it all gets very old, very fast.

Safety and Security

When it comes to safety features and content on the subject of user security, this is about as good as it gets. There is a link to a rule page, which in all fairness, is fairly detailed. The site states that anyone who breaks the rules will be banned. If the administrators really do enforce this, it will help towards the quality of the experience tremendously.

Customer Service

The customer support section is fairly basic – with a standard contact form and Captcha process. We have no idea how long it takes for someone to respond to a query, but at least the site provides the opportunity to get in touch. It is a minimum expectancy, but still great that the site meets this expectancy.


We conclude by saying Mini Chat is not the most sociable of social online places. You have one option and one option only – to connect to a total stranger online somewhere in else the world. The quality of conversation will of course depend on the luck of the draw. You may be connected to 30 crazy people in a row before you find a decent conversation – or vice versa – depending on your luck.

For new users this will be a lot of fun, which is one reason why Mini Chat is still so popular. Perhaps this website will always be for ‘new users’ – i.e. people who are using the site for the first time. Because we certainly do not see a reason for many people to keep coming back. It’s not as if you can strike up a relationship and return to it next time. You’ll just start again with a random connection.

So with all that in mind, we think Mini Chat is a fun little gimmick that can bring a smile to your face momentarily. However, this is not a place to strike up a meaningful conversation or make true friendships – so we give Mini Chat a below average 3.5!