Top Hookup Sites for Adult Dating (April 2024)

Best Hookup Sites and Apps for Casual Dating in April 2024


Most popular hookup site

Membership Details
  • Free: Create profile, browse women, like photos/vids, create Hotlist, join blogs/groups
  • Premium: $20-40 per month (depending on length of membership) to message, send gifts, use extra features
  • Credits: Buy credits and coins to use extra features with no premium membership

Adult FriendFinder

First Thoughts: One of the most popular and recognized sex sites. With a nude feature around-the-clock, it is easy to find someone to bang. Browse or enjoy the extras which include erotica, cams, hot-or-not contests, and gifting options to woo your new sex friend! Read more

Most legit

Membership Details
MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Free, Plus, or Gold
  • Free: Match, message, and view profiles (pretty much everything you'll need for a hookup)
  • Plus: 5 super-likes per day, rewind last swipe, no ads
  • Gold: $30 for 1 month or $12/month for a year, see who's swiped right on you, curated matches, all the Plus features


First Thoughts: Tinder is a popular swipe-matching app where you can find a fuck for FREE. Pics aren't explicit and some girls want a relationship, but the people are real, plentiful, and sexy. It links to other social media accounts and everyone has Tinder, so it's not discreet and therefore not for cheaters. Read more

Best for sugar daddies

Membership Details
MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Free and Premium
  • Free: Browse and exchange messages
  • Premium: Approx $20-45 per month (depending on length of membership) to get a more visible profile, more search filters, no ads, and read receipts

Seeking Arrangement

First Thoughts: This is the best, most effective sugar-baby site with the most beautiful young girls desperately looking to meet and fuck. The drawback? They are looking for an arrangement, which means money, gifts, or allowance to 'hang out.' Read more

Most social media-y

Membership Details
MEMBERSHIP TYPE:  Free or Premium
  • Free: Create profile, upload pics, send friend requests
  • Premium: $29.95 for 1 month or $44.85 for 3 months to exchange unlimited messages + no ads


First Thoughts: Fuckbook is a social media site, like Facebook, but for fucking! Send sexy messages, post x-rated content, watch cam shows, and more. Finding a fuck buddy isn't challenging, but you'll need a premium account.

Read more

Best for affairs

Membership Details
MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Free or Use Credits
  • Free: View profiles and match
  • Credits: Introductory Package (100 credits @ $49), Elite (500 credits @ $149), Affair Guarantee (1,000 credits @ $249). Credits are used to contact someone (5), for length of time spent instant messaging (60 for 60 minutes), or to give gifts.

Ashley Madison

First Thoughts: Ashley Madison is notorious for hooking up people looking for an affair. Browse, message, and connect with tons of cuties. Read more

Best for ongoing hookups

Membership Details
MEMBERSHIP TYPE: $7 per month for a membership


    First Thoughts: Hinge is a swipe-based dating app similar to Tinder. It's for relationships, but also for casual sex. It's not an X-rated app, but certainly effective. Read more

    Quickest date setups

    Membership Details
    MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Free or Premium
    • Free: View profiles, match, message matches, use the on-demand dating function
    • Premium: Approx $20-30 per month (depending on length of membership) to message people you don't match with yet, advanced search/filtering


    First Thoughts: Clover is a swipe-match based dating site. Similar to Tinder with one important unique feature: On-Demand Dating Feature. Secure a date, place, and time in 2 taps. There are also online mixers, making it a cinch to find a sexy lady friend. Read more

    Best for fetishes

    Membership Details
    MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Free or Premium
    • Free: Do everything except watch videos
    • Premium: $5 per month to also watch videos


    First Thoughts: FetLife is a popular place for people who have a huge range of fetishes. It's a safe space and community to explore your sexual fantasies to their fullest. The site is fun, kinky, and definitely sexy. Read more

    Best for nerdy millennials

    Membership Details

    R4R Subreddits

    First Thoughts: Reddit is a totally free platform for public discussion boards. Like Craigslist, you can head to a section called R4R to find Reddit users in your areas looking for sex. It's fast and effective, but lookout for catfishes and potentially dangerous situations. Read more

    Most escort-friendly

    Membership Details
    MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Free or Premium
    • Free: Create profile and browse
    • Premium: $25-30 per month (depending on length of membership) to message, view/exchange private photos, use the live video feature, read stories, play games, view cam shows, etc.


    First Thoughts: Like Fuckbook, Xpress is a Facebook-style hookup site with status updates, posts, and messages. Xpress has unique features such as a 100-day 'Get Laid Guarantee' (seems like a long time but it's kind of hilarious and great), video profiles, and a way for women to specify whether or not they are escorts. Read more

    Coolest search function

    Membership Details
    MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Trial or Full Membership
    • Trial: Free to try it out for a day
    • Membership: $49.95 per month to fully browse, message, watch videos, enjoy the extras.

    So Naughty

    First Thoughts: A classically steamy site with lots to do (games, erotica, quizzes, etc.). Coolest part of So Naughty is the ability to search by type. You can search for babysitters, milfs, housewives, college students, and more! Watch out for the fine print when giving payment information. Read more

    Simplest site

    Membership Details
    MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Free or Premium
    • Free: Create profile, browse members, add to Hotlist, participate in forums, write/publish blog posts
    • Premium: $15-30 per month (depending on length of membership) to message, view/exchange private photos, watch webcams, post testimonials to someone's profile, receive more potential matches, and live cam chat
    • Tokens: Purchase tokens or points to experience extra features without having a membership (or to add more to an existing membership)


    First Thoughts: GetItOn is a to-the-point, no-frills. The interface is nice and smooth with a simple registration. Chat, watch videos, and share pics. Read more

    Best for masturbatory material

    Membership Details
    MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Free or Premium
    • Free: Create profile, browse members
    • Premium: $20 per month to exchange unlimited messages, share+view photos and videos, explore extras such as erotic stories


    First Thoughts: Xmatch is an extremely steamy, explicit site. Advanced search function lets you browse by kink. Browse steamy pics, find a fuck, or enjoy exploring the sites extras (such as chats, livestreams, sexy articles, and more). Read more

    Best for fantasies

    Membership Details
    MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Free or Premium
    • Standard/Free: Can watch webcams, can message with premium members who have purchased standard contacts
    • Premium: $20 per month for unlimited messaging, commenting ability, search by kink, full access to profiles/hot lists/webcams/chat rooms/etc.


    First Thoughts: Passion is a typical fuck site (like Adult Friend Finder) with a couple unique qualities. You can filer girls by kink, and 300+ new steamy photos get uploaded daily! With the advanced search feature, finding a fuck to match your fantasy is highly likely. Read more

    Fastest loading site

    Membership Details
    Check site for membership details


    First Thoughts: Clean-cut website that's got a fast sign up process and a ton of hotties to choose from! The site loads super fast on both phones and laptops. Read more

    Best for speed

    Membership Details
    Free to browse, post, and respond to ads


    First Thoughts: A site that is used for personal ads that don't necessarily have to do with dating. Check out different sections for the seductive ads, or post one of your own... all for free! Watch out for escorts seeking money! No membership necessary. Read more

    Most to-the-point members

    Membership Details
    MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Trial or Full Membership
    • Trial: Free to try it out for a day
    • Membership: $49.95 per month to fully browse, message, watch videos, enjoy the extras.

    Instant Hookups

    First Thoughts: A sexy match site focused on speed. It has lots of extras like stories, games, sex toy directory, and community page.   Read more


    Membership Details
    MEMBERSHIP TYPE:  Trial or Full
    • Trial: $1.95 to try it out for a day
    • Membership: Ranges from a week @ $10.99 to a year @54.99


    First Thoughts: Pure is an artsy, quirky hookup site. Rules state, "no calls, texts, or approaching in public." You only get 1 hour to find a fuck after you create your profile, then it self-destructs (to differentiate it from dating sites). To get the most out of it, you'll need to shell out some cash. Read more

    Sexiest swipe app

    Membership Details
    MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Free or Premium
    • Free: Create profile, browse
    • Premium: $49.99 per month to browse, message, view/exchange private photos, use the live video feature


    First Thoughts: Swipe-based hookup app for no strings attached fun. Similar to Tinder, but with much dirtier pics. It's great for finding some NSA kinky fun. Read more

    Tips and Tricks to Score the Quickest Hookup with the Hottest Girls:

    Make your profile approachable and sexy

    The internet isn’t exactly a safe place for most girls, and they know that. Good dick is great, but never worth getting killed for. Guys can forget how vulnerable DTF girls actually are and how many scumbags have likely made them nervous. This is why you’ll want your profile pic to be more friendly and approachable. Trust us, women aren’t going to respond to a photo of your dick. Even if you don’t think you’ve got the most handsome face, adding your face to the photo is going to show that you are a safe person. And, don’t try to be sexy in the face photo. Don’t use a duck face, a gym picture, or a sultry selfie. Women can see right through that. Instead, find a photo of yourself smiling with maybe some sexy elements. If you’ve got a nice body, show it off. If you’re rich, show it off… but do so subtly. For example, a photo in a nice restaurant is cool. A photo in front of a Ferrari makes it seem like the car isn’t yours.

    Add details to your profile

    This is simply another way to make a girl feel more comfortable with meeting up with you. Add some friendly details to your page about what you’re looking for. You have liberty to be totally honest if you are interested in finding a fuckbuddy, or a girl that is into submission. There are definitely girls who are down for all types of kinky stuff on these hookup sites. Just make sure to add something unique about you so she knows you’re a real guy with a life and opinions.

    Sent customized opening lines

    Women, especially attractive women, are used to receiving very generic, cheesy, or perverted opening lines that turn them off before they can even give you a chance. To avoid this, think of something to say that is specific to her profile. Flatter her looks or comment on something she wrote in her profile. A bit of attention will go a long way in the mind of a woman, especially a sexy woman. This doesn’t mean that you can’t send something suggestive right off the bat, just get more creative than, “let’s fuck.”

    Ignore the girls that say anything about money (unless that’s your thing)

    Unless you are looking at Seeking Arrangements or specifically looking for an escort, ignore the chicks that say anything at all about money. They are women who have created hookup sites on these profiles in hopes of earning some extra cash. The hookup will feel lame, she won’t be into it, and she’ll try to get money out of you.

    Wait as long as possible to ask for pics

    Due to the nature of these sites, the girls are probably constantly asked for private photos. Not only is that annoying and kind of creepy, but taking a sexy nude takes time and effort. Shes got to make sure she hits the right angle, is sexy but maybe not pornographic, and she’ll likely want to edit the pic. If she doesn’t do any of those things, she probably has to dig into her archive of sexy pics that she sends off to multiple guys. Not asking for a pic right off the bat will definitely impress her and perhaps even push her to offer you one.

    Act like a generous lover

    Even if you are totally selfish in bed, you’ll need to act like a super generous lover. Women are more likely to get off by touching or oral sex over penetration. So, when you sext her, it’s smarter to talk about how you’d like to perform oral sex on her or touch her before you talk about penetration. Get her juices flowing and make her horny enough to want to meet up with you. A woman’s sex drive takes a bit longer than a guys to come into full swing, so help the both of you out by telling her what she wants to hear.

    Set a date and time as soon as possible

    The worst thing about hookup sites has to be the amount of flakes there are on the sites. That’s why it’s important to discuss meeting up as soon as naturally possible in the conversation. And, you’ll need to set an exact date, place, and time. Saying you ‘want to meet up’ isn’t going to make it happen. Showing her initiative and finding a place, date, and time will not only impress her, but it’ll make the hookup more likely to happen quickly.