Top Sexting Apps for NSFW Texting

Overall Rating 9.2
  • Voice and video calling with up to 15 friends.
  • Create your own Bitmoji character from hundreds of customisable options and share stickers featuring them with friends.
  • Naughty images for those-eyes-only are deleted and never seen again after the first play!


Snapchat is a camera app with a difference, letting you connect with friends and other users from across the globe on your iOS or Android smartphone.

The app has become popular amongst teens who use it to share silly filtered photos. But it has also gained a reputation as a ‘sexting’ app due to the fact that photos, videos and texts shared are deleted after they are viewed by the recipient.

Snapchat lets you customise photos with stickers, face swap with a friend, tap on your face to try on new masks or add silly voices to images and videos. Once you’ve registered using your phone number or email address, it’s quick to get started using the app as it opens straight to the camera screen for easy sharing of photos or videos.

You can chat one-on-one with your friends or share pictures and videos in your story for everyone to see. There’s also the Snap Map where you can add/view photos or view photos from other users in your area or across the globe in real time. The app also supports voice and video calling for up to 15 friends.

The Discover feature lets you see news and content from publications like Cosmopolitan, the New York Times and more!

Overall Rating 7.9
  • Groups (up to 200 members) and Supergroups (up to 100,000 members) let you set up a workspace or community where you can share things with friends.
  • Heavily encrypted messages and the option to set a timer for self-destruct make sharing sensitive files a breeze.
  • With apps for all devices and desktop apps too, you can access this cloud-based messenger on multiple devices simultaneously, wherever you are.


Telegram messenger is a popular app for Android, iOS and Windows phones and tablets. There’s also a web version, PC and MacOS version of the app available. Launched in 2013, Telegram messenger has over 100 million users worldwide. It’s free forever and has no ads, allowing you to participate in one-on-one or group chats with friends and colleagues. To get started, you just register with a phone number or username – you can make this public if you want to use the app to meet new people.

It’s a cloud-based messenger, so you can access your messages from multiple devices at the same time – you just need to log in with your phone number. Telegram messenger is particularly popular with workplaces and groups, as it allows you to create groups with up to 200 members, super groups with up to 100,000 members and channels which allows you to broadcast public messages to an audience. Telegram also supports worldwide voice calls.

Telegram is also popular with developers thanks to its open API plus a Bot API which means developers can build specialised tools or integrate existing services. So that’s all the sensible stuff out of the way – what about the naughty side of Telegram!? Filthy fun lovers and fans of sexting can take advantage of Telegram’s powerful file sharing options and there’s the option to heavily encrypt messages or set them to self-destruct with a timer. This is great for sensitive information – and your sensitive areas on show! Telegram also has a photo editor, open sticker platform and animated gifs to add to the fun.

When it comes to security, you can lock the app with an additional passcode or use secret chat options where videos, photos and chat self-destruct.

Overall Rating 7.8
  • Secure app as content is deleted from the app’s servers once it expires.
  • Total control over how long your post remains online.
  • Easy to receive messages without downloading the app.


Kaboom is a popular self-destructing message app that’s available for free on iOS and Android. The app allows you to share timed messages and photos that self-destruct after a set amount of time on social networks.

It’s easy to register and create an account with Kaboom. Sending messages, photos and video is simple too as the app creates a shareable link that you can post on almost any social networking site you can think of; including Twitter and Facebook. You can also send the link to friends using WhatsApp, text messages or any other messaging service that allows link sharing.

With Kaboom you have total control over how long your post remains online, which means you can protect your social media image. In a world where your online reputation is important, this app is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike Snapchat, you don’t need to download the app to receive and open messages from a Kaboom user – just click on the link.

When sharing your content you can set it to expire after a set amount of time or a certain number of views. For example, if you’re sharing a naughty image with a special someone, and you want to ensure they won’t send the link to anybody else, just set it to expire after one view!

Another great benefit of this app is that Anchor Free (the developers of the app) claim that content is also deleted from their servers once it expires. So they won’t see your filthy photos meant for those-eyes-only! Again – this is different from other popular services like SnapChat.

kik app logo
Overall Rating 7.5
  • Bots are a fun way to interact, play games and quizzes or get advice – they can even be added to group chats!
  • The option to turn off messages from new users – alongside ignore, block and report functions – helps to stop unwanted messages.
  • Easy to get started chatting and the app searches your phone for contacts (this is optional).


Kik Messenger is available for Android and iOS smartphones. This easy to use sexting app lets you stay in touch with all of your naughty friends and connect with strangers too. The app searches your phone contacts for other users, and registration is quick and easy – just provide your name and a profile photo to get started.

As well as text chat, Kik lets you send photos, videos, GIFs and emojis to your friends. You can also choose to create a one-on-one chat or create a group. Use the search function to find users with similar interests and special interest group chats you can join like music, video games or cosplay.

Kik also has a number of different bots that help you be more social. These let you play quizzes, get advice, read the news, play games or chat. It’s even possible to add a bot to your group chat so you can play games or quizzes with your friends.

Because there’s no age verification or safeguards for teens on Kik, safety has been a concern in the past. Remember you really don’t know who you’re talking to when you’re in public groups. With that said, you can keep your Kik account private by being aware of who you share your username with – don’t share it on social media and remember that anybody in a public or group chat can see your username. Kik does have the option to turn off notifications for messages from new people as well as an ‘ignore’ and ‘block’ function if anybody is bothering you.

Overall Rating 7.5
  • Free to use forever – an Open Source project.
  • Encrypted messages and no annoying ads.
  • High-quality voice and video calls worldwide without long-distance charges.

Signal App

Signal is a free-to-use, Open Source messenger app for Android, iOS and desktop. The app allows you to make voice and video calls without long-distance charges. You can also send text and pictures messages, share documents or start a group chat with your friends. Or if you’re feeling a little bit kinky – Signal also works as a flirtatious sexting app!

Signal is renowned as a very secure app for messaging thanks to its end-to-end encryption for messages and calls. There’s also the option to set messages to disappear after a set amount of time. The app developers don’t collect any metadata from users, such as your location or identity, so there are no annoying adverts or pop-ups to deal with while you’re sexting!

The Signal app has a very basic design and clean layout – there are no bells and whistles here, making the app simple to use. Once you’ve downloaded it and set-up using your phone number (which takes a few seconds, depending on your internet download speed), the app will request access to your contacts list. There’s the option to select phone numbers individually if you don’t want to allow the app full access. The app allows you to make Skype-like voice and video calls, with high-quality sound and video, particularly for local calls.

Android users can send messages to friends who don’t have the app installed, although these won’t be secured. Unfortunately for iOS users, they can only share content with other users who also have the app.

Overall Rating 7.3
  • Shared calendar makes schedule planning easier
  • Free voice calls ideal for long distance relationships or when one of you is away from home
  • Reminders for anniversaries and other special events

Between App

Between is a mobile app designed for couples. Free to download on iOS and Android smartphones, it’s also available on Windows and Mac. There’s the option to upgrade to a premium version, called Between Plus.

This Korean-designed app has a cute design that may not be to all tastes. Designed to help you make your relationship even better, the app lets you chat, share schedules, track important events like anniversaries and even make free phone calls.

The best (and most popular) feature of the app is the shared calendar which makes it easy for you to plan your schedules. One downside is that the calendar doesn’t sync with iCal or Google Calendar, but adding and sharing events is a breeze.

The app also lets you enjoy text chat with stickers, emoticons and GIF selfies. There’s photo and video sharing and you can make free voice calls. The call quality is clear and there are no charges; ideal if you’re in a long-distance relationship or travelling with work. You can catch-up after a long day or keep each other entertained with some saucy sexting!

The app lets you track anniversaries and special moments, so you’ll never forget another important event again. Between is designed for just two users, so it’s like your own private social media.

Overall Rating 7.3
  • Peer-to-peer encryption for your messages ensures total security.
  • A timer allows you total control over how long your messages remain visible before they self-destruct.
  • Easy to set up and get started chatting!

Wickr App

Wickr is a free messaging app for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It bills itself as ‘the most secure communication platform’ – but is it really the best option for secure messaging? This top-secret messaging app has been designed for business and personal use. In fact, the app developers claim that it’s used by members of government, world leaders, human rights activities and journalists worldwide for its secure messaging.

The app uses a patented encryption service of peer-to-peer encryption, which ‘forensically wipes’ media and messages from your device after they expire. You also have total control over your messages as they can be set to self-destruct within a few seconds of being read. So despite Wickr being sold as a professional tool – it’s also an ideal platform for sexting! Send your naughty nudes to that lucky person and rest assured your privacy is safe!

Despite its popularity amongst business users and its fun opportunity for sexting, the app has been rather slow to take off for personal use. It’s quick to set up and get started chatting with Wickr. You can use the Friend Finder feature to access your device’s contacts. If one of your contact already has Wickr, you can start chatting immediately, or you have the option to send them an invite if they’re not already using the app.

Lack of widespread use means this app isn’t as popular as some of its competitors, but its easy to use interface and security credentials (it’s been endorsed by Aspect Security) means it’s a great choice if security is your main concern when messaging.

Overall Rating 6.8
  • Free to use but the option to upgrade to a Plus or Pro plan
  • ScreenShield technology prevents others taking a screenshot of your message
  • Supports photo, video, voice message and document sharing

Confide App

Confide is a confidential messenger app that’s available for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. With message encryption, screen-shot proofing and self-destructing messages, it’s billed as one of the most secure messaging apps available. Perfect for sexting naughty messages and photos! But, is it really though?

The app is free to download but there’s the option to upgrade to Confide Plus for $4.99 per user, per month. This allows you to send unlimited attachments, customise your app with themes, get priority support and un-send messages. There’s also a Pro plan at $15 per user, per month, designed for business use.

The app has a stylish design and it’s easy to get started chatting. Reading messages on Confide is a unique experience thanks to the ScreenShield technology. On iOS and Android only one line of a message is revealed at a time and the sender’s name isn’t visible on screen at the same time. Messages are deleted after being read once, both from the device and the app servers.

The app lets you send text messages, share kinky photos, videos and voice messages and share documents with individuals or in a group. Currently used in over 200 countries, it has been translated into 15 languages.

Although it’s billed as a very secure messaging app, vulnerabilities have been found in the app’s security, so it’s not recommended to send your most secure information (or your most revealing messages) using Confide.

Overall Rating 4.4
  • Messages automatically self-destruct after being read or after 24 hours.
  • Chatters feature lets you meet new people.
  • Blast feature lets you share photos and updates.


Dust bills itself as a personal communication network, with the emphasis on privacy for its users. Available on iOS and Android, this free messenger app ‘dusts’ (erases) your messages when they are read or after 24 hours – you can choose. Messages are not stored on devices or on the app’s servers. They are also heavily encrypted, so they can only be read by the intended recipient. This sounds like the perfect recipe and opportunity for naughtiness!

In addition to these security features, Dust prevents you from taking screenshots of one-on-one chats. Your identity is hidden in these messages and a notification is sent to the other person if a screenshot is taken.

Dust connects to social networks and scans your contacts to find other people you know who are using the app. However, invitations via email or SMS sometimes fail to send and there are currently not that many users.

The app has several additional features including Blast, which lets you share photos, updates or Emoji monkeys. Then there is Discover, where you can follow company accounts like Forbes, or find celebrities using the app to follow. There’s also the Chatters feature where you can connect with and chat to strangers about various topics of interest.

Users have reported issues with email and phone number verification when setting up the app and there have also been some complaints about the level of support available. The app supports English, French and German languages.

Overall Rating 2.8
  • Simple to get started – no sign-in needed, just take a photo and add your filter!
  • Range of stickers to choose from and new content being added regularly.
  • It’s a gimmick – but an extremely fun and humorous one!


Trickpics is an adult app released by for iOS devices only. This nude photo sharing app is free and designed to help you ‘clean up’ your dirty selfies! The app turns your rude kinky photos into SFW images, protecting your modesty by covering up your private parts. It’s a lot of fun – very strange – and ridiculously hilarious!

The app is simple to use as no sign-in is needed. Just open the app and snap a photo. Unlike the popular Snapchat app, you can’t add animated filters to your images in real-time – you must take a static image before applying the filters.

Once you take a photo, the app prompts you to ask which body part you want to cover up. The simple interface uses fruit to distinguish between body parts – humorous to say the least! Then you’re presented with a selection of animated stickers to choose from. Once you apply your stickers and download your image, it can be saved to send to friends or lovers or shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The stickers mean your images won’t be flagged for explicit content if you dare to share!

The app has one major flaw – it can be a little slow. Because image rendering takes place on the app’s server side (rather than within the app itself), it could take around two minutes for your new image to download. There’s then a further wait of around a minute for you to save the image on your phone so it’s ready to share.