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Instachatrooms is a webcam-based social platform that connects random people from all over the world. The site aims to connect people with similar interests and allows like-minded people to interact and have fun. All chat is completely free and totally anonymous, with no registration required.

The Instachatrooms Brand

The Instachatrooms brand is quite lively, bright and colourful. Most of the content on site is set out against a plain white/grey background – with the inclusion of colourful icons and imagery. A lot of other cam-based chatrooms online fail to put in as much effort into building a brand image, so this is a good move from Instachatrooms. It creates familiarity and shows the site owners care about the user’s experience.


With Instachatrooms you do not need to register your details – just pick your topic, select your gender and start chatting. For this particular review we chose the Dating Chat topic to see what we could find!

Desktop/Mobile Capability

There isn’t an Instachatrooms app, but you can use the website on any mobile browser. However, the responsive technology isn’t that great. The layout and design clearly suffer on a mobile device compared to the desktop version, which suggests the site owners need to invest more in their mobile technology. This doesn’t hinder the quality or the functionality of the camera though, as this is crisp and quick across all platforms, for the majority of the time.

User Experience

If you would like to be connected to lots of random half-naked men arousing themselves, then you will absolutely love Instachatrooms! We realise that with any random webcam-based chat service, you are more than likely going to see some form of nudity or sexually-related material at some point on your journey through the service. That is the risk you take when being randomly connected to somebody else’s webcam somewhere in the world.

For this reason, we try not to focus on this element too much in our cam-chat reviews. However, with Instachatrooms, the level of indecency is simply too high not to be discussed! There are a LOT of half-naked or full-naked men using this service – and you will see a lot of them despite which gender option you choose at the start!

This is surprising given there is a very clear message at the top of the text chat section that reads: You are not allowed to stream pornography, nudity or vulgarity on this app. Please be polite or you will be banned.

You can easily move on to the next person with the click of a button – but it’s just more of the same we’re afraid! We clicked at least 20 times before we were connected to someone with clothes on! The general usability of the site and its ease of use are excellent – it’s just the content that’s a shame! Unless you’re into this sort of thing of course…

Safety and Security

Before you are connected to anyone within any chat room you are presented with this message. This stipulates that the site is for mature audiences only and that by using the site you agree to the terms of service. There is also a lengthy list of house rules which can be found by clicking Rules in the top navigation bar. This list stipulates what is and what isn’t acceptable to say/do whilst enjoying Instachatrooms.

However it isn’t clear what the ramifications are if you do break these rules. With no registration required, it’s unclear how a user is ‘banned’ or removed from the site. There are moderators on site though, and there is also an option for you to apply to become one, if you take the integrity of this site seriously enough!

Customer Service

Users have the option to ‘report bugs and issues’ via the use of a simple contact form. We’ve had absolutely no issues with the service so far, so we’ve had no reason to use this just yet. So unfortunately, we have no idea how quick or effective the responses are.


Your own thoughts on Instachatrooms will depend largely on what you’re looking for. If you love nothing more than talking to half-excited men and watching them undress, then this is the place to be! You will love this site and possibly loathe our review of it! Unfortunately though, it’s just not our thing!

In terms of site design and ease of use, Instachatrooms scores quite highly. The site is fairly easy to navigate and getting started is really simple. No registration is required and chatting is completely free – which is always a bonus.

After all that is mentioned and revealed above, we are going to score Instachatrooms a 4/10!