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XMatch is an X-rated adult dating website primarily targeted towards the male population. As a result, the design and content of the site is everything you would expect – but with TONS to do!

The Xmatch Brand

Not hard to fathom what sells the brand here – sex and hooking up! The home page is plastered with half-naked women in provocative poses and supposedly ‘real member’ nude profile pictures. Although, as we have highlighted below, this is directly contradicted by the footer message that states not all photographs are real.

The site also claims to have over 8 million active members – but again how many of these are actual members? It’s impossible to tell really. You may find a match here or you may be sold a dream – only one way to find out!


When using the site for the first time you are immediately prompted with two options – join for free or search for your match. They both lead to the same place – a registration process. Here you provide things like your email address, a username and some bio information before being sent an activation link.

As with lots of other popular adult dating sites, once you click your link you are then asked if you wish to upgrade your membership. Doing so involves a membership cost – not doing so involves enjoying very little of the service. That’s because most of the site’s features only become available with an upgraded membership.

Desktop/Mobile Capability

There isn’t an app, but the site does work equally as well on mobile. The way the site is set out does sort of suit mobile users too, with a social media like wall of updates and statuses to read through. The menu structure does not translate too well onto mobile unfortunately, so navigation is a little trickier than on desktop – which is cluttered enough as it is!

User Experience

If you choose to upgrade to ‘Gold’ membership you can then enjoy sharing/viewing hot photos and watching/sharing kinky videos to your hearts content! You can also enjoy live video streams and a live blog stream that you may contribute towards. This blog functionality is part of the site’s ‘community’ space – where you can also read an online magazine, take part in competitions and learn tips and tricks from the Xmatch ‘Sex Academy’.

So as you can see already, if you are willing to pay, there is plenty to keep you occupied here! The one very unfortunate thing that does let the site down is the employment of fake profiles and automated messages. This is a marketing technique used by adult dating sites to entice standard members into paying for an upgrade. If you are savvy to this sort of thing it is easy to spot and ignore – but still, this can ruin your experience slightly.

Safety and Security

You will find your standard ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ pages on Xmatch but that is pretty much it in terms of safety protocol. There are no strict warnings and the site makes little reference to admin activity. There is, however, a whole page dedicated to keeping children away from adult sites. This provides general advice, such as installing filtering software, to adults using this site who may have children.

Customer Service

There is a very detailed help section available on site with an extensive list of questions. This is essentially a long FAQ page with topics ranging from password problems to billing questions. With such a detailed list you should find an answer for what you are looking for. If not, there is a live help function that provides a phone number to call – or an email address. We would choose the email address if we were you – as we wouldn’t like to think how much the hotline costs!


Xmatch is everything you would expect from your modern-day stereotypical adult dating site – especially one so obviously targeted towards men. The site is decorated with pornographic imagery and links to XXX content and so it becomes very obvious that sex is the seller here. The registration process and membership structure are all too familiar too, with very little on offer before you upgrade to a paid membership. Again – everything you would expect.

What does set Xmatch apart though, is the sheer level of options available to upgraded members. There is literally so much to do you could quite easily keep yourself (and others) entertained for days on end! And it’s all completely filthy XXX related content – just waiting for you to enjoy! So what started as a rating well below average, turned very quickly in a solid 6.6 for Xmatch!