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GayPage is a free to use gay chat service that randomly connects gay guys to each other so that they can chat online. You have two options here – to text chat or to video chat – both completely free!

The ­­­­GayPage Brand

The premise here is simple – you are connected to random gay men all across the world and placed in one-on-one chat spaces. You can begin/continue a conversation or skip to the next person. Are you likely to meet someone, or anyone, special on GayPage? Probably not.

Even if you do somehow meet someone genuinely interesting and worth talking to again, could this service be the start of a beautiful relationship? We hope not – for society’s sake alone! The GayPage brand is very much a gimmick, and the site is a bit of fun that may provide that quick fix you’re after. Approach the service with an open mind and you should have some laughs!


You do not need to provide anything at all, in terms of personal information, to begin using the GayPage service. You don’t even need to choose a username as you remain anonymous at all times. So as far as registration goes, we have nothing to comment on as the process doesn’t exist here. For convenience and speed of use, this is excellent! But for safety concerns, given that you can never prove who you are talking to, it is best to stay vigilant and keep your private information to yourself!

Desktop/Mobile Capability

There isn’t an app or a mobile version of GayPage available just now unfortunately. You can, of course, access the site via your mobile’s browser and this works fine. The web’s design and layout has been optimised somewhat to perform well on mobile, so you should have no trouble chatting on the move.

User Experience

What you see is what you get with GayPage. As a user you are given two options immediately on the homepage – connect via text chat or video chat. You are then paired up with another random user somewhere else in the world – and it literally could be anywhere in the world. There is literally no limit to where you can go with just your keyboard, mouse and webcam!

The site’s design is quite nice and very simple, so it’s impossible to get lost. We really like the vibrant blue colour scheme as it contrasts well with the black features and white font use. It could do with some decoration though and some added additional features, possibly, to take away from the monotony and repetitiveness of the service.

Safety and Security

The site features a ‘Law Enforcement’ page where you can report illegal activity or anything suspicious occurring within a one-on-one chat experience. Aside from that, there is a ‘Recommended Parental Controls’ page – and that’s about your lot in terms of safety and security information.

But then again, how much more would you need? If you don’t like what you see on cam, you simply click ‘skip’ and move onto the next camera feed. It would be nice to see some messages warning users not to provide any personal information whilst using the service, but this could just be a case of common sense we suppose.

Customer Service

Apart from being able to report illegal activity, there does not seem to be any other way for you to contact the site owners. There isn’t any evidence of an email address or postal address, neither is there just an ordinary contact form for queries or feedback. You can share the page via social sharing icons down the left-hand side of the site – which suggests you may be able to contact the site owners via Facebook, Twitter, etc. We’re not sure though!


The best thing about the GayPage site is the design and the speed in which the service operates/connects. It is ridiculously easy to use this service and almost impossible to get lost, even for the most disconcerting technophobe. At first, the service gave us a lot of laughs and was incredibly intriguing to say the least. That is where the positives stop for GayPage unfortunately, for us at least.

The repetitiveness of the process; the frequently display of exposed male body parts in a seedy ‘sat-in-my-office-chair-at-home-in-my-pants’ type fashion; the lack of customer service and the lack of additional features meant we got bored of GayPage pretty quickly. Try it out for yourself, you may think different, but it’s a 3.4 from us!