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Gay ChatRoulette is an instant video chat platform that connects you with random gay men all over the world. The approach to the site’s design and structure is minimal to say the least, putting the focus purely on the camera feeds and nothing else!

The Gay ChatRoulette Brand

The Gay ChatRoulette brand bills itself as being a ‘no holes barred’ gay chat service where ‘anything goes’. The target audience is ‘gay guys and horny dudes who like attention’ (as quoted from the website). So as you can see from the site motto and description alone, the service leaves very little to be desired!

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You do not need to provide anything to use this service. No personal information required whatsoever. Just click ‘Go’ and away you go – digitally at least – to a random place somewhere else in the world. It’s as simple as that! Anonymity is fun but also dangerous if you are to pass out your own personal details and private financial information. So be cautious with what you give away here and protect your privacy at all times.

Desktop/Mobile Capability

Gay ChatRoulette works only on desktop as there is no app, nor is there a mobile version of the site. You can try access the site via your mobile’s browser of course, but this really doesn’t work as well as it does on desktop. And it doesn’t even work that well on desktop! So good luck either way!

User Experience

Okay, where do we start with Gay ChatRoulette? Or more importantly, how fast do we finish with Gay ChatRoulette? You can randomly connect with gay and bi-sexual men via webcam. This occurs in one-on-one chat scenarios that you can choose to stick around in or move away from, moving on to the next person.

That is all.

And we mean that in every sense of the phrase. That is all. Apart from a few external ad links on the side, there is literally nothing else on the website! You must let the site access your cam too; there is no text chat option for the shy or cautious. So as far as user experience goes, there is very little experience for a user to comment on!

That being said, there are plenty of horny men on this site; most of them willing to do all manner of dirty things for your viewing pleasure. So if you’re one for getting your clothes off and putting on an anonymous show, this could be the ideal place for you! A quick five-minute fix a day could be all the doctor ordered, if that’s your sort of thing!

Safety and Security

There are no safety messages, security alerts or content pieces related to user protection at all. There’s nowhere to report any illegal or suspicious behaviour either. So we guess the site really is living by its motto of ‘no holes barred’! We found a menu tab labelled ‘Links’ but this led to a 404-error page. So much like the service itself, it doesn’t work too well.

Customer Service

You guessed it – there’s no contact details available on site either! When we say there is nothing on the site we mean it, go take a look, there’s nothing on this site! It’s no wonder there’s hardly any users with no side entertainment available and a total lack of customer service.


What more can we say about Gay Chat Roulette that we haven’t said already above? There is a common theme throughout this review and it is one of simplicity – but to a degree that leads to an unsatisfactory user experience. We guess that’s a nice way of saying the whole experience is a little boring and too basic! And we are trying to be nice here!

The site is incredibly easy to use and there is the potential to have a quick 5 or 10-minute filthy fling via webcam, which is all a man needs every now and then. But apart from that, we cannot think of anything more that’s positive to say about Gay ChatRoulette. There are no additional options, no apparent customer service levels and a seemingly small number of users at any one time.

It may be worth visiting for you so give it a try, but we give Gay ChatRoulette a 2.4!