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Chatropolis is an adult chat service that’s been in operation since 2004. There is a wide range of chat rooms and topics to choose from, and a real potential to meet someone fun and interesting!

The Chatropolis Brand

Are you likely to find a true connection at Chatropolis? We’re not sure – but then again, the Chatropolis brand does not sell itself as being a match-maker. This site is a world away from household names like – so users shouldn’t expect to find true love here.

Then again, it all depends on the qualities you seek in a potential partner. Who knows where the conversation may go, but it seems that getting to know somebody won’t be top of the priority list for the members on this site. One thing is guaranteed though, you will most definitely have fun here!


You can browse all of the chat rooms here willingly, but you have to be a member in order to chat, which comes at a cost. If you don’t feel comfortable inserting your card details online, this can deter you from going further into the realms of the platform.

Membership for just one-month costs almost $10 and will unlock the following features:

  • Reserve your screen name
  • Reserve up to 5 URLs to keep safe
  • Chat in 5 rooms at a time
  • Submit up to 3 photos at a time
  • Prefix your message text with colour
  • Upload your own temporary avatars
  • Technical support priority

Desktop/Mobile Capability

Unfortunately, Chatropolis does not work well on mobile devices. This is an old-school chat room optimised for desktop use. Accessing the site via your mobile browser is not the greatest experience and therefore chats on the go are often limited/non-enjoyable.

User Experience

One thing you are guaranteed when browsing Chatropolis is a variety of topics. Not so much conversational topics, but categories that may intrigue you. This may provide a speedy mutual connection with another like-minded individual, or it may just provide a little bit of light entertainment. Either way, you’re sure to get a kick or two out of this site.

Nevertheless, good luck to you if you’re hoping your enjoyment of the site will be a smooth and seamless one! The navigation of this site, the colour scheme and the way the interface has been built does not please us. It’s all very out-dated and screams 90s web design. At times, we almost feel as though we’re on the dark web – or back on early-days Myspace!

In truth, Chatropolis is a bit of a maze with a plethora of external links disguised as navigation features of the main site. Be mindful, these may take you to potentially dangerous external sites.

Safety and Security

There is a link to a ‘Chat Room Security’ page available in the menu bar – but it also states that this is ‘coming soon’. When you click on the link it just refreshes the home page. So at the time of this review, Chatropolis did not offer any security information or safety messages. But with the promise of this ‘coming soon’ it may now be established at the time of reading. Have a look!

Customer Service

The site also features an FAQ section in the menu bar – but again – this one is also ‘coming soon’ at the time of writing! So in truth, Chatropolis scores quite low for customer service and safety protocol. However, there is a ‘Technical Support’ page where you can raise a support ticket and there’s also a page where you can apply to become an administrator.

This is more reassuring as it shows the current site admins are active and available to contact. Chatropolis even features a ‘Cookie Generator’ for users who require a ‘Chatro’ cookie in order to log in to a chat room. So again, this shows good consideration towards a specific audience – nicely played!


Would we recommend visiting Chatropolis? Absolutely! But at the same time, we don’t think you’re going to spend much time there – but we may be wrong! Let us explain. The ability to create your own room, with your own rules and moderations, and customise that with your own colour scheme and avatar is truly unique and a fantastic feature. Customer service on the site is acceptable and there are many more security/customer service related features ‘coming soon’ (if not already established at the time of reading).

So in principle, the foundations and the idea behind the service is great. For us, it is the execution that is lacking. The site is extremely cluttered, the interface is out-dated and the level of activity is relatively low. For that reason, we score Chatropolis a 4.3!