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Vibeline is the most popular, longest running phone chat line for African Americans in North America. Offering instant and fun connections to urban singles since 1990, they’ve perfected helping you have fun in a pressure-free zone.

Want to meet hot, urban singles in your area or in another city? Vibeline makes that ridiculously easy. They’re built on the idea that real connections require a voice. No online profile or instant message can let you know if you’ve got a real vibe with someone the way hearing their voice does.

Vibeline is a safe, secure way to meet like-minded African-Americans across the country. If you’re looking for strong, sexy, relatable hotties, Vibeline is the place to be. All chats are private and uncensored, so get as hot as you want or keep it basic. Everyone you speak with is a real person. Vibeline doesn’t pay operators to hang out in the chatroom.

When you call in, you’re connecting with real singles who want to make a connection to. Some want friendship, some want relationships, and others just want to have some sexy fun for a little while.

Joining Vibeline

Joining Vibeline is easy and free. When you visit the Vibeline website for the first time, you’ll be offered a local number to use. If Vibeline isn’t in your city, you’ll be given a 1-800 number. Ladies, membership is always free for you. You never have to pay a dime to chat. Guys, you can start with a free trial membership and join later as a paid member for more perks.

For the Ladies

Getting started is super easy. Call the local number you’re given. Press 2 to indicate you’re female. Press 1 for your free membership and listen to a bit of information about the perks of being a member. Confirm that you’re 18 or older, and start chatting. You don’t have to join as a member, but you have more flexibility and options if you do.

Membership Benefits

Even though membership isn’t required, it can definitely be worth it.

  • You can use Vibeline from any phone, not just the one you signed up with.
  • You get priority customer service which means you go to the head of the line.
  • You have the option of storing messages.

Once you join, you’ll be given a member number and a passcode to access Vibeline from any phone.

For the Guys

Fellas, you’re not left out here. Using Vibeline is incredibly easy for you. The difference, though, is that you start with a free trial. Once you’ve used up your free minutes, you’ll need to purchase more minutes to chat. If you’ve ever used Vibeline in the past or your phone number has been associated with a Vibeline account, you’re not eligible for a free trial membership.

To get started:

  • Call the local or 1-800 you receive from the Vibeline website.
  • Follow the prompts to indicate that you’re male.
  • Record your first greeting.
  • Start chatting!

When you join as a member for the first time, you’re eligible for a new member Double-the-Minutes offer. Take advantage of that because it’s a good deal.

  • 10 minutes for $4.99
  • 30 minutes for $9.99 (this doubles to 60 on your first purchase)
  • 120 minutes for $29.99

Time is deducted by the minute but the clock doesn’t start until after you’ve created your own greeting and saved it. Take your time on that so it’s a good one. Once you reach the 20 minute mark, you can add more minutes. You’ll get a warning when you have two minutes left.

Once you join, you’ll be given a member number and a passcode to access Vibeline from any phone. Keep that information private and never give it out. No one from Vibeline will ever ask for that information over the phone.

If you don’t use your membership for 30 days, your account will be charged a 10 minute maintenance fee. Let it sit inactive for 90 days, and your membership will be deactivated with no refund for any minutes you still had left. Customer service can reactivate your membership if you come back later.

Membership Benefits

Paying your hard-earned cash to flirt and chat with hotties ought to get you a few perks, right? Vibeline agrees. Once you become a paid member, you’re entitled to all kinds of extras.

  • Priority customer service that lets you jump ahead of free trial members when you need help.
  • Access Vibeline from any phone, not just the one you used to sign up.
  • Take advantage of speedy renewal so your chats don’t get interrupted right when things get good.
  • Save your greetings to use again later.
  • Your messages take priority over free member messages so she hears yours before other guys.
  • Take advantage of the loyalty program and earn bonus minutes.
  • No annoying ads.
  • Manage your account online.

Using Vibeline

Vibeline is easy to use and has plenty of great features to help you connect with sexy singles. Your job is to chat up someone interesting and find a connection. Vibeline makes that as simple as possible.


Everything begins with your greeting. It’s the first thing you do when you login. This is your opportunity to impress other callers. Make sure you sound positive and upbeat. Your greeting should include your first name (don’t give out last names in a greeting!) and a little bit about you. Put your best foot forward here and share what you think makes you interesting or special. Also say what you’re looking for: friendship, romance, a hookup, or a little sexy fun. You can call in with friends if you want, but everyone on the line has to say their name in the greeting.

Recording your greeting doesn’t use up minutes so don’t rush this. You can re-record your greeting as many times as you need until you’re happy with it. Once you’re a paid member you can save it and use it again in the future. If you’re feeling shy, you can use an ice-breaker which is a pre-recorded greeting to get you started.

Messages and Connections

The heart of Vibeline is how you connect with people. After you listen to different greetings and decide who sounds nice or interesting, it’s time to reach out and start a conversation. You can do this in two ways: messages or connections. Both act like personal voicemails, but connections take things a step further.

Messages: Send a hottie a message to start a conversation. You can send them back and forth as long as you want.

Connection: When you’re ready to take your fun to a private one-on-one chat, request a connection. You’ll record a message, send it, and wait to see if they approve. If they do, you start chatting live.

When you really like someone and want to make sure you connect whenever they’re on the line, add them to your Hotlist. These are your favorite peeps, and you’ll get notified whenever they enter the Vibeline chatroom.

Offline Messages

All the action happens when you’re online, but you don’t have to miss out on everything by being offline. You can hear greetings from callers who were recently online but are now off. They can hear yours, too. You send messages to offline callers and receive messages when you’re offline. You’ll be notified by text message.

Navigating Vibeline

Finding your way around Vibeline is so basic. All you have to do is listen to the prompts but knowing what to expect always helps.

Here’s what you’ll use to have fun in the Vibeline chat room:

  • 1: Request a connection
  • 2: Send a message
  • 3: Play next greeting
  • 4: Add or remove from Hotlist
  • 5: Listen to greetings in your local area
  • 6: Play previous greeting
  • 7: Block caller. Press it again to flag their account for bad behavior.
  • 8: Check location of a caller to find out if they’re local to you.
  • 9: Repeat the greeting
  • *: Help
  • #: Exit

Payments and Refunds

With Vibeline you have multiple payment options. Buy your minutes using credit card, debit card, pre-paid credit card, PayPal, check-by-phone, or Western Union. All payments will show on your statement as TELIGENCE. No refunds are given except in the rare case that Vibeline screws up.

Tech Issues

If you need help while you’re on a call, just press *. You can also call their customer service number or go online and fill out a form for help. Vibeline has a comprehensive FAQ section so you might be able to find your answer there first.

You can set up an online member account to access your minutes. You only need a legit email and password to sign-up online. Once you’re in, you can link your online account with your phone membership. From there, manage your account, check your balance, and buy minutes whenever you want.


Vibeline doesn’t request private information beyond what’s needed to process payments or membership questions. The chatroom is private and confidential so you can speak freely. While they take no responsibility for your safety, they do offer plenty of tips.

  • Don’t share personal information until you’re comfortable.
  • Don’t let yourself be talked into doing things you don’t want to do.
  • Meet in public spaces.
  • Follow your gut and leave a situation where you’re not comfortable.
  • Use the block feature in Vibeline as often as you need to.