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We review the pChat service – a free online chat room with private messaging enabled! You can chat to people from all over the world in one of the seven public chat rooms, or message someone privately for a more intimate conversation!

The pChat Brand

What does pChat stand for? The brand itself isn’t even sure – they say so themselves on their own website! There is a stark design difference from the site’s pages and the chat interface too – providing further suggestion the brand is perhaps lacking or searching for an identity. We go from regal blue to gothic black in a flash!


The pChat service offers free chat rooms and private messaging with no registration required – but only if you log in with Facebook. Tricky pChat! If you don’t want to associate your Facebook with the site, you can sign up using your email address instead. The following is also required:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Country
  • Region
  • Gender
  • Age

An activation link is sent for you to verify your account – a pretty standard process for a lot of chat room services.

Desktop/Mobile Capability

The pChat website is optimized to work on desktop, tablet and mobile phones. You can download their mobile app on both iOS and Android. These days, you would expect this from a modern and sophisticated chat room service. Top marks here!

User Experience

Generally speaking, the overall flow of the site and chat service is quite good! The navigation is ridiculously easy, and the site speed is satisfactory too. There aren’t many members online at any given time, but this creates a warmer, more tight-knit feel for the service. There’s some additional features too, such as an About Me section that you can personalise.

You can also take part in the pChat rewards scheme, with various prizes and rewards on offer for taking part in the Quiz room. A nice little touch and technique to get more members on board we presume! The only thing that really lets it down is the fact you will be sent some spammy links and the conversation was highly sex-led when we were using the site. Sure, this can be fun, but all the time is quite boring.

Safety and Security

The website claims that all data is encrypted and all messages are deleted within 7 days for privacy and protection. This is reassuring and a good message to have up front on the site. However, as mentioned previously in this review, there are some suspicious members on this site. We received a link in a private message within minutes of logging in. This is quite an eye-opener in terms of the number of members, as you’d expect a tighter group to have more genuine people within it.

Customer Service

The site has a simple contact page, which you would expect as a bare minimum. However, pChat does go above and beyond by providing a phone number – not a lot of chat sites do this at all! This provides a mark of trust for new members and shows support from the site owners. Whether anyone picks up the line is another question – you’ll only know if you try!


Your overall experience of pChat will be smooth, simple and enjoyable. The site is very easy to navigate and everything is clearly signposted with lots of colour. This is just what you want in a chat service! One other thing you want, is lots of other members to talk to. Unfortunately, pChat isn’t the most crowded of places you’ll visit online. There isn’t much interaction from the site owners either, aside from the opportunity to send them a message via the contact page.

There are some quirky little features here and there, such as the pChat rewards scheme associated with their Quiz Room. You can also customize your fonts and messages to suit your own personal taste and personality – which is important in a chat environment. Ultimately, we believe pChat could be something huge, but right now is lacking in popularity.

With that being said, the copyright for pChat began only 3 years ago in 2015. With a bit more time to grow and market itself, with some new features perhaps, pChat could turn into one of the best! For the time being though, we rate this one just above average, with a solid 6.5. Watch this space!