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One of the largest and oldest phone chat lines in North America, Livelinks is the place to hookup with singles in your local area or in other cities. Livelinks is all about the instant connection where you can flirt, look for your next relationship, or have some sexy fun with a stranger all from your phone.

Livelinks may be the original chatroom, long before the internet, social media, and sliding into someone’s DMs was a thing. Available for local calling in 1300 cities, Livelinks has been instantly connecting singles through phone-in chat rooms since 1990. Call in, record a greeting, and start finding whatever it is you’re looking for – love, sex, or just some playful flirting.

No paid operators here. Everyone you meet is a member just like you. You can send and listen to messages with people who intrigue you or take the conversation private with a confidential private chat. What you two get up to once you’re chatting live is up to you.

The rules of Livelinks are simple and obvious:

  • Everyone must be over 18.
  • You must select the correct gender for your bio. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not to get free membership (more on that in a minute).
  • Everyone on the call must speak when recording a greeting. So if you and your friends decide to call in, everyone’s voice must be recorded.
  • Speak in the language of the room you’ve chosen. Your choices are English and Spanish.
  • Never violate anyone’s privacy.
  • Never give out your own private information until you feel comfortable, and definitely don’t record identifying information in a greeting that any member can hear.

If you can play by the rules, you’ll have a good time chatting up local or not-so-local hotties looking for some fun.

Joining Livelinks

Joining Livelinks is super easy. If you’re female, you join for free and never have to pay to hear messages or chat. For the guys, you’ve got to pay, but it’s affordable. Everyone starts by going to the website to get your local number to call. As long as you’re not on a protected ISP or masking your location, it’ll pop right up. If you’re in one of the 1300 cities where Livelinks is active, you’ll get a local number. If you’re not, no worries, you’ll get a 1-800 number.

Guys, you can start with a free trial if you’re new to Livelinks, and as long as your phone number hasn’t been used for Livelinks in the past.

  • Call the local number you receive on the Livelinks website.
  • Follow the prompts for your free minutes.
  • Start chatting.

During your free trial, you’ll need to call in from the same number each time until your minutes run out.

Ladies, you can access Livelinks for free all the time, and joining is just as easy.

  • Call in to your local number.
  • Identify yourself as female.
  • Listen to the benefits of membership – also free for you.
  • Confirm you’re 18 or older
  • Record your first greeting and listen to other greetings.

You don’t need to pay to be a member in order to keep using Livelinks but membership offers benefits that make it worth the extra effort: store messages you like, create a favorites list, and access Livelinks from any phone.

Paid Livelinks Membership

When you join as a paid (or free for women) member, you’re given a membership number and passcode that allows you to use Livelinks from any phone. Your membership lasts as long as you’re active. If you don’t login or chat for 90 days, your membership is deactivated without a refund. You can have it reactivated again later by calling the Livelinks customer service number.

To become a paid member, you just need to buy time. After your free trial, you’re eligible for the Livelinks first time purchase offer that gives you double minutes. Choose your package based on your budget:

  • 10 minutes for $4.99
  • 30 minutes for $9.99 – this is the package that will be doubled for first-time buyers
  • 120 minutes for $29.99

Time is deducted by the minute once you begin listening to messages. You won’t use up any time recording your greeting, so feel free to take as much time as you need. Once you have 20 minutes left, you can add more time. You’ll receive a warning when you have two minutes left.

Using Livelinks

Livelinks is much more than calling in and listening to a few recorded messages. It’s essentially a phone line chat room. You record a greeting and others can listen to it. Likewise, you can listen to other people’s recordings, too. When you come across someone who intrigues you, send a message and start a conversation. Once you’re ready for more, request a connection to talk privately.

Record Your Greeting

The first thing you’ll do on Livelinks is record your greeting. Take your time and don’t save it until you’re happy with it. The only real rules are no discrimination, no references to illegal activity, and no threats of violence or harm. Basically, be a good human.

In your greeting, state your first name (no last names in a greeting!), a little bit about yourself, and what you’re looking for. Try to project confidence and a positive attitude. People respond better to someone who sounds happy to be there.

If you’re too shy for the first recording, you can use an Ice-Breaker. It’s a pre-recorded greeting to get you started. But you’ll need to get over the shyness in order to exchange messages.

Hot List

The Hot List is where you keep track of the people you really like. When you listen to a greeting or get a message from someone who sparks your interest, add them to your Hot List.

  • You’ll get a text when they’re online and you’re offline so you can call in and connect.
  • When they come online and record a greeting, you’ll get immediate notification.
  • You can send private messages or request Live Connections with people on your Hot List.

Offline Messaging

You can’t be on the phone all day long. When you’re a member of Livelinks, take advantage of the offline messaging feature. It lets you keep looking for connections wherever you are. When you decide to call in, just let everyone think it’s a “business call” that you’ve really got to make. (We won’t tell!)

  • Hear messages from callers who were recently online.
  • Callers can hear your greeting right after you go offline.
  • You can send messages to offline callers.
  • You can receive messages when you’re offline and get a text letting you know.
  • You can save messages and listen to them later.

What about people I’m not interested in or worse, creepers?

Hopefully you’ll never be a creeper yourself, but even in fun places like Livelinks they exist. If you hear a greeting or message from someone you’re not interested in, just skip it. You’re not obligated to respond to every single greeting or message you receive.

But if someone really bugs you or won’t take the hint, block them by pressing “7.” Once you block them, they can’t hear your greetings and you won’t hear their greetings. If it’s really bad, hit 7 a second time (during the same greeting) and their account will be flagged and checked by Livelinks.

Navigating Livelinks

Navigating Livelinks is extremely easy, and you’re given options so you know what you can do next. But if you want to go in armed with knowledge, it’s fairly simple:

  • 1: Request a connection, a confidential and private live chat.
  • 2: Send a message.
  • 3: Play next greeting.
  • 4: Add or remove someone from your Hot List
  • 5: Listen to greetings from members who are in your local area.
  • 6: Play previous greeting.
  • 7: Block member.
  • 8: Find out the location of the member you’re interested in. This lets you know if a meetup is possible.
  • 9: Repeat the greeting you just heard.
  • *: Help
  • #: Exit

Payments and Refunds

You have plenty of payment options with Livelinks. Use credit card, debit card, pre-paid credit card, PayPal, check-by-phone, and Western Union to pay for minutes. Discover Card and check-by-phone are only available in the US. Payments are accepted over the phone, online, or by calling the Livelinks customer service number. Your payment will show as TELIGENCE on your bank statement.

All fees are non-refundable. In the case of an error on Livelinks’ part, they may issue refunds. If the error is on your end, don’t expect one. And if you cancel your membership or it’s cancelled for you, you will not receive a refund.

Tech Issues

If you run into any problems, hit the * key on your phone for help. You can also call customer service or contact them online. All purchases online are made via SSL. Livelinks terms of service prohibits the recording or distribution of audio or video communication between members, so don’t do it.