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iSexyChat is free to register and free to use. This is a sex chat service with an extremely simple site design and interface. You can chat to people from around the world by just choosing a nickname!

The iSexyChat Brand

The iSexyChat brand has been around for over 5 years now, providing a light and entertaining platform for people to talk and get to know each other. No registration is required and all chats are kept anonymous, which can be both a good and a bad thing. Anonymity is good if you want a spot of spontaneous and mysterious fun! But it’s also a downfall, in that you cannot guarantee you know exactly who you are speaking to.


You do not need to provide any personal information to start using the iSexyChat service. Simply choose a nickname and begin chatting! If you are a regular visitor though, you can request that your nickname is reserved by asking site administrators.

Desktop/Mobile Capability

There is a mobile friendly option for iSexyChat but there is no app. The layout and design suits mobile a little more than it does desktop in truth, due to the tiny size of the chat interface. The ads are equally as annoying though!

User Experience

This sexting site guarantees to keep users entertained for hours, but we question the legitimacy of this statement. Sure, there are different categories/topics to choose from, but these are extremely limited. In fact, your entire options are:

  • Sexting
  • General Chat
  • Trade Skype/Kik Chat
  • Trade Pics Chat
  • Gay Chat
  • Lesbian Chat

And then once you’re in a chat room, the chat window is tiny! You can expand the height and width of the frame to your desired shape and size, which we guess is helpful. But, we didn’t expect to be doing site maintenance on our arrival here. And what’s annoying is that the site doesn’t remember or log your previous setting – so you have to resize every time you log on.

The quality of chat seems reasonably good once you get going. A loyal membership means there seems to be a certain clique – one that may take some time for you to become involved in as a newbie. At other times, the chat rooms can just be flooded with XXX imagery and random messages from horny men. It’s 50/50 really!

In the list of chat rooms there is a button that takes you to, what they call, the ‘Best Porn Sites’. This takes you to a third-party list of recommended porn sites. You may have a lot more fun there! Although we recommend being vigilant accessing third-party sites at all times.

Safety and Security

The iSexyChat site does contain a comprehensive list of site ‘rules’ which every member must abide by. We guess these rules are enforced by site moderators/chat admins but how stringent they are remains unknown. This page also contains various tips and instructions on how to use the service – so the page is fairly detailed.

Customer Service

Customer service is severely lacking on iSexyChat. There isn’t a contact form on page – but there is what they call a ‘Feedback’ button. When you click this, your local email app or software will open up a blank email with an address on it. So yeah, not the greatest form of user-admin interaction. There are, of course, chat admins within the site that should be able to help with any queries you have.


At first glance, we really liked the vibrant pink-against-black colour scheme and the way the site is laid out like a beaming tube-light window sign! It reminded us of something you’d see in a red-light district and it just oozes naughtiness. The site has a very loyal fanbase and the chat rooms are usually always active and full of conversation.

The whole pop-up advert and third-party site parade as you travel through the user journey is not great. In fact, it’s rather annoying and off-putting. We hate seeing a site plastered with adverts too. Although we do understand the financial reward they bring to site owners, they do not add to the user’s experience in a good way.

You may have a lot of fun here, if you are willing to grin and bear the adverts and the constant re-sizing of the chat window. Meeting someone fun and filthy is entirely possible, but for us the site experience is a big let-down. We score iSexyChat 4.0!