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Review is one of the oldest, largest, and popular webcam sites. All that longevity means they know how to make sure members are kept entertained and coming back for more.

Even if you’re new to the idea of watching hot sex live online, you’ve probably heard of Founded in 2002, it’s got more than 66 million members (also known as guests) and 80,000 registered hosts. If you’re counting, that means you have 80,000 different options to find someone – or multiple someones who can and will perform for and chat with you online.

Membership on is free. Even at the most basic level, you get much more than other cam sites. If you want more than the basic free live chat, purchase credits for more and better access with your favorite hosts, celebrity porn stars, and hot newbies.

Indulge in your favorite fetish. Talk to someone sexy. Watch two or more people have a good time together. lets you do it all from the privacy of your own computer or mobile device. That’s right, you can have your favorite show and favorite host in your pocket. (Sounds kind of kinky, doesn’t it?) While live webcam shows are the default method of pleasure on IMLive, uploaded videos, previously recorded live shows, and “best of” videos are all available for viewing and self pleasure.


Joining is ridiculously easy. All you need a valid email for site verification. You’ll choose your screen name and password upon registration. While you can choose any name that suits you, you cannot use someone else’s name or profanities in your screen name. Choose wisely as this is how you’ll be known to hosts throughout

As a new member, you have access to tons of features:

  • Unlimited free live chat
  • Viewing hosts profiles and some of their photos
  • Wse of the message center to contact hosts
  • Posting your fantasies and receiving replies from hosts
  • Free teaser videos
  • Save your favorite hosts find their live chats and videos later

Five levels of membership are available: New, Bronze, Silver, Gold,and VIP. To move up in the membership levels, purchase credits which are used throughout the site to access more features and get better access to your favorite hosts.

Progressing through the different levels gets you even more perks:

  • Live sex video chat
  • View hosts’ sexually explicit photo galleries
  • View past videos and video series created by hosts
  • Participate in live pornstar shows

As you move up in membership, based on how many credit purchases you make, you’ll get deeper discounts to buy credits and to join the Discount Club offered by a particular host. Joining gives you deep discounts on live and recorded chats with hosts you love. The more money you spend, the farther your money goes. It’ll be like being a kid in a candy store…if by “kid” you mean legal adult and by “candy” you mean naked, sexy, hot, kinky, and/or deliciously naughty cam hosts. Which is exactly what we mean.


Once you’ve joined and logged in, lets you scroll through a feed like page and find whoever catches your eye. The default view looks a bit like scrolling through a naked, hot, raunchy social media feed – without the politics or the shouting. Which automatically makes it better.

The default view when you log in is the Live Cams tab, but there are other places to go within the full website:

Member Page: Helps you navigate your account and make any changes to your email preferences or billing information.

Live Cams: This is where the main action is to see which hosts are online and ready to chat and play.

Host Videos: If you have the credits and access, you can watch past live shows you might have missed and uploaded videos from hosts.

Top Host Arena: Come here (pun absolutely intended) when you only want to watch and enjoy the best of the best.

Finding Exactly What You Need on

There’s nothing wrong with scrolling and clicking until you see the hottie who makes you sit up and say, “Yes, please!” But sometimes you have a craving for a very specific need – someone you want to talk to or someone you want to watch. The filter and search options on are very comprehensive, to help you narrow down the 80,000 hosts to exactly who and what you want.

The default option when you sign in is “Girl Alone” which will be a solo sexy woman doing all kinds of delicious things for and to you. Not your thing or you want something else? You’ve got so many options:

  • Girl Alone
  • Shy Girl
  • Girl on Girl
  • Fetish and BDSM
  • Trans Alone
  • Guy Alone (Straight)
  • Guy Alone (Gay)
  • Guy on Guy
  • Girl and Guy Couples
  • Threesomes/Groups
  • Trans Couple
  • Friends and Romance – this is a non-adult area.

Does that still feel like too many options? You can filter your preferences down even further so that you get exactly what you want – from whoever is currently online and available.

  • Special hosts – celebrity pornstars, hall of fame hosts, new hosts
  • Show type – free video chat, strip club show, and private chat
  • Price
  • Sexual preference
  • Fetish – too many to list here. What are you into? It’s probably available.
  • Features – indoors, outdoors, hosts with discount clubs, etc
  • Age
  • Body type
  • Ethnicity
  • Bust size
  • Butt size
  • Hair color

You don’t have to justify what you like, just go find the person on cam who can provide it, and enjoy!


IMLive’s years as a popular cam site mean that it’s much more than a few live videos and private chat. The amount of options you have could easily overwhelm, if you don’t know what to expect. To more easily find whatever sexy, smut turns you on most, let’s walk through the different sections.

Member Page

This is the very first tab on your screen when you login. You can do multiple things from this section.

Account Preferences: Check your settings and view your recent activity.

Email Settings: Manage your current email address and select the different types of emails you’d like to receive.

Billing: Update your credit card information, see your past purchases, and check your credit balances.

Favorite Hosts: See every host you’ve favorited and get back to them easily.

Your Content: All the IMLive videos and snapshots you like best will be listed here.

Personal Card: Enter as much or as little information about yourself as you want, including your turn-ons, so hosts will know more about you when you join a chat.

Membership Program: Check your membership status and the perks available to you.

Live Cams

Okay, so this is the money shot, the thing that brought you to, right? Believe us when we tell you, it’s so much more than your typical cam.

List View: You can change the view to tile or gallery, but it’s a list of the different hosts currently available online, based on your current filter.

Strip Club Shows: Just like being in the strip club, hosts performs sexy fun for multiple people at the same time.

Multi-Viewer: Can’t decide who you want to watch most? You can watch several hosts live all at once and peek into their chat rooms at the same time.

Hot Spots: Want to know who’s hot, hot, hot, right? They’re all right here.

Your Lists: Who do you love and who did you last watch? You can find them here for easy access.

Host Videos

You’ll need enough credits and payment to view host videos, but it’ll be worth it. In this section, you can view the top past live shows and home videos uploaded by hosts.

Top Past Live Show: Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Hosts’ Video Series: Many hosts upload a series of short videos showing off what makes them special.

Monthly Video Contest: Hosts make a video based on a given theme, and you get to vote for your favorites.

Free Teasers: You know what to do here.

Pornstar Shows: Yes, pornstars spend time on, and you get to enjoy them in all their glory.

Your Content: Whatever snapshots and videos you’ve liked, they’ll all be here for you to keep enjoying.

Top Host Arena

Want to watch the best of the best in your favorite categories? This is your chance to see the hosts that are the members’ top picks.

  • Hall of Fame
  • Most Attentive: Needing some attention? You’ll love it here.
  • Outstanding Features: These are the hottest hosts in one of 13 categories.
    • Sexiest
    • Best Stripper
    • Nicest Smile
    • Sweetest Pussy
    • Best Boobs
    • Hottest Ass
    • Kinkiest
    • Best Role Player
    • Hottest Group
    • Best Listener
    • Most Fun
    • Sweetest Legs
    • Best Dick
    • Top Domme
  • Hot Spots: Some of the hottest of the hottest hosts to watch can be found here.
  • Party Winners: IMLive hosts themed cam parties every weekend. These are the winners – selected based on performance and/or costumes and props.
  • Top Clubbers: This list changes every two weeks and feature the top three Strip Club hosts.
  • Best Newbies: Love the fresh innocence of a newbie? Enjoy!
  • IMLive’s Diamonds: Some hosts stay with IMLive for years and get really good at giving members a good time. You can tell when someone knows exactly what they’re doing, and you’ll find that level of amazingness here.
  • Top Discount Club: If you want to join a hosts’ Discount Club and aren’t sure who’s the best, check here first.

Payments and Refunds

Payment is made by credit card. All payments are discrete and will show up as one of three options on your statement:,, or IMLive guarantees 100 percent satisfaction for all new customers. Within the first 30 days of joining, if you’re not fully satisfied, you may receive a refund to your credit card for up to $25.

Credit refunds are available for specific issues outside of the 30 day satisfaction guarantee, primarily for technical issues while using features that require paid access, credit purchases made by mistake, and after unsatisfactory paid chat sessions. Don’t expect to get a refund without being able to back up your claim, but when genuine issues occur, they won’t leave you dangling on the edge (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

Tech Issues

To have the best experience possible on, you’ll need Adobe Flash Player on your device and a browser that allows pop-ups. You can access the site and videos from your mobile device – smartphone or tablet – by scanning a QR code, having a link sent by text message to your device, or typing the URL ( into your browser. Some features are only available on PC, though, so be aware of that.

If you run into any trouble while you’re on the website, customer service is available 24/7 by phone or email. Plus they have a Frequently Asked Questions section to help you learn the site and handle small problems or questions.

Awards and Recognition is the three-time winner of the YNOT Award for “Best Cam Platform – EU” in 2016 and was named Best Webcam Company in 2011 and 2012. They also won the 2015 AVN award for “Best Live Chat Website.” This was the third time in five years they’d received the honor.