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Fuckbook is a place where you can access live cams or connect with hot members in your area, in the hope of finding a casual sexual encounter. Browse through thousands of XXX photos or share your own!

The Fuckbook Brand

Fuckbook is a brand name that oozes tongue-in-cheek and all-round naughtiness! The brand doesn’t hide from that fact it takes huge influence from a slightly more popular (shall we say) type of social network book that’s also available online! They’ve even ripped off the name!

The layout and approach to the service is very similar too, with a ‘wall’ of updates visible to all members. This isn’t a place to share photos of your holidays, your dinner or your great grandparents though! Save that for your mainstream social accounts. This is a hookup site where naughty singles and swingers share XXX content – so pictures of your granny will just be weird here. Unless – that’s your sort of thing!?


Registration is quick and extremely easy. Just provide your gender, the gender you’re interested in, your age, email address, username and password of choice. You will be sent an activation link via email and once you click this – you’re in. Simple as that!

Then there is the usual process of choosing a profile photo and adding some bio information etc. All of this so far has been free – but to use the service to it’s full extent you must upgrade to a paid membership. You can choose to pay monthly or by the quarter. Once upgraded you receive a premium badge, the ability to talk to other members, access to advanced search features and your experience is no longer blighted by annoying advertisements.

Desktop/Mobile Capability

Unfortunately, there isn’t an app available for Fuckbook. However, there is a mobile version of the site that works equally as slick and as fast as the desktop version. We enjoyed the user experience on all devices and on the go!

User Experience

Overall, the functionality of the site and the way it operates is a dream. The design really is slick and really well put together. It takes great influence from an already established layout and approach, of course, but still credit should be given to how well the site loads and operates. The social-network-like layout is modern and familiar to millions, so big points here!

Unfortunately though, the content itself is quite boring after a while. If you want a constant stream of XXX images, then visit a porn website. This is supposed to be somewhere to meet and mingle with real people. This seems even more doubtful due to the number of dubious profiles and faceless profiles that make the whole experience a little tedious at times too. You are bombarded with messages urging you to upgrade as soon as you register and log in for the first time. This can be off-putting for some. Even once you upgrade, the amount of faceless profiles can be off-putting – as you have no idea who you are talking to.

Safety and Security

There are no safety or security messages present on site, which isn’t the most reassuring. There are also numerous adverts on site (if you do not upgrade) which may lead to potentially dangerous websites. Overall, we’re not quite sure just how safe Fuckbook is, which isn’t the greatest sign.

Customer Service

You can send the site admins a message using the contact form available on the contact page. There is also a fairly detailed help section which acts as a sort of FAQ page. Here you will find answers to common questions, but anything more will have to go through the contact page.


We are torn right down the middle when it comes to Fuckbook. The concept, the design and the operation of the site is a dream come true when it comes to adult dating websites. The social-network-like approach is current and immediately recognisable (even though it’s a reinvention of the wheel)!

However, the actual experience of the content is quite dull. There are countless fake profiles and lots of dubious photographs that make you question whether the cost of an upgraded membership is worth it. The website scores highly for ease of use, but the user experience is split right down the middle with a 5. Unfortunately, lack of contact options and safety messages mean Fuckbook is unable to rescue any more points for itself and we score it a reasonable 4.6!