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Visit Flirty Mania and you’ll find lots of easy-going, flirtatious members waiting to talk via web cam. This random video chat service means you’re just a few clicks away from pretty girls and hot guys around the world!

The Flirty Mania Brand

The Flirty Mania brand is lively, vibrant and colourful. The website itself is actually really well designed with lots of little quirky icons and brightly colour buttons. The whole service is very much based around finding love or a relationship online – but does it actually function this way?


Absolutely no registration required – just click Chat Now and start flirting! You aren’t even given the chance to choose a nickname. Instead, you are assigned some random profile information and a random collection of letters as a username – like uyqc –for some strange and unexplained reason. You can edit this thankfully and upload your own profile photo.

Desktop/Mobile Capability

You can download an app for both iOS and Android – so video chat on the move is possible if you have a good enough connection. Wi-Fi works just as well as the desktop version, but connection speeds can of course vary depending on the level of a 4G service.

User Experience

Flirty Mania bills itself as being a place where singles can meet hot girls and attractive women. The site offers cam-to-cam chat as part of the service, allowing you to broadcast in your own room or join other people in theirs. This all seems rather fair enough and very pleasant at first, until the first time you are instructed to purchase some coins.

As you dig deeper through the site you will notice there are numerous things you can’t do before purchasing coins; such as:

  • Send messages to the main board
  • Continue viewing someone’s feed for an extended period of time
  • Talk directly to anyone
  • Like or save anyone’s profile to your favourites list

So as you can see, before you purchase any coins, there isn’t really much you can do! So what happens when you buy some coins? Well, you get all of the above privileges, plus you can send gifts to the women/men you talk to on cam. Gifts range from the simple – to the extravagant (like Tiffany bracelets!).

So in essence, this is almost like a sugar-daddy arrangement, where you are almost expected to pay for your company.

Safety and Security

There are absolutely no safety comments, rules, guidelines or security related content anywhere to be seen on the Flirty Mania website. This is quite surprising, given there is a transactional element to the service, in that you can purchase coins and send gifts. Even when we get to the payment choice page, there aren’t any security related messages. This is bad form! You would expect to see some warning messages – against fraud at least!

Customer Service

We attempted several times to access Flirty Mania’s support page and were faced with this spinning circle of death each time. So unfortunately, without being able to access the page, we can’t review its contents! Poor show!


At first, our experience of Flirty Mania was a good one. We were extremely impressed at the site’s speed, functionality and offering. Even before getting to the cam chat, we were pleased by the site’s design and choice of icons. The interface is beautifully slick and clean, offering clear video connections with no interruptions. The site is also incredibly easy to use and navigate around – so top marks on all fronts for design!

Unfortunately, in terms of user experience, that’s where the plaudits end. This is mainly due to the whole coin system, which turns the whole website into a money-making scam. You must purchase coins to do anything on here. What’s the best thing you can spend your coins on? Gifts to send to whoever you’re talking to. If you’ve got the money to be a sugar daddy then by all means, you may enjoy this site. For those of you who would rather keep your pennies in your pocket, we’d probably swerve this one if we were you.

The fact the site has no obvious safety warnings or security procedure is quite worrying. Especially when you consider the monetary side of the coin system. As for customer support, this is non-existent. The page wouldn’t even load for us, so we’ve got no idea how to get hold of the site owners. What happens if my payment goes wrong?

It started so well but ended do badly. For that reason Flirty Mania gets a below average 4.5!