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Sometimes you just want something casual. No strings attached. No promises to make. A casual dating experience that’s a little more than a hookup but not quite a serious relationship. You can get that and all the sexiness you can handle at Fling.

Flings are supposed to be fun. Casual experiences where everyone has a good time and nothing gets too serious. At Fling, that’s exactly what you can have. Search for local or distant hotties, start chatting, and see where things go. You might want some online sex or maybe you want to meet in person. And if you’re jonesing for something more serious, Fling helps you find someone who wants what you want.

Part dating site, part cam site, Fling may be the best of both worlds. And if watching live cam models isn’t that interesting to you, you can also get on cam as a member and entertain others with your dirty, sexy ways.

Get out of Fling whatever you want. Date someone, find your next Netflix and chill, wank away while you watch a cam model. Turn the camera on and make a little money for yourself. What matters most is that everyone has a good time and a quick fling.

Joining Fling

It’s easy to become a member of Fling. Answer a few questions, and you’re a member.

  • Enter who you are: man, woman, couple
  • Enter who you’re seeking: man, woman, couple
  • Enter your zip code
  • Enter your age
  • Enter your email

All memberships begin as a free account. As a free member, you’re able to make friends and chat with other members. You won’t have access to premium features like watching cam models or live streaming by members unless you upgrade.

Paid Membership

You can pay for membership for a short amount of time or much longer, depending on how many sexy hookups and flings you want to make.

  • Gold 2 Day Trial: $4.95
  • Gold 7 Day Trial: $14.95
  • One Month Gold: $39.95
  • Gold 6 Months: 11.65 per month, you pay $69.95
  • Gold 12 Months (get 6 months free): $6.67 per month, you pay $119.95

Fling offers a three month guarantee with paid memberships. If you don’t hook up with anyone within three months, you’ll get another three months of membership free.

Purchasing Credits

Certain parts of Fling require the use of credits. You can only access the areas of the site as a Gold member, and when you do, you’ll be given the option to purchase credits to use.

  • 500 credits for $4.99
  • 2000 credits for $19.99
  • 5000 credits for $49.99

All charges are one-time payments. Purchase more credits as you need them. With credits you can do several things.

  • Priority messaging
  • Text/SMS messaging
  • Access Premium Content
  • Get on top of search
  • Tip people on live cam

Using Fling

Getting around Fling and using it is pretty easy, even if the layout is cluttered. See someone who’s hot or looks interesting, click on their bio and start interacting. If the attraction is mutual, you can hook up, meet in person, chat, or whatever makes you both happy. Getting beyond the basics of Fling can enhance your experience.

Discreet Accounts

Prefer to stay anonymous and avoid creepers? Set your account to Discreet and the only people who can see all of your information will be people you’ve friended, either by approving their friend request or having your friend request approved by them. You can have as much control over who gets to know you as you want.

Verified Account

A verified account is a way of earning a bit of trust before the conversation even begins. It’s a badge on your account that says you’re a real person and Fling has verified it. To become verified, you only have to be viewed on webcam by someone at Fling.


One way to get attention and show up in more searches is to increase your hotness factor. The more you use Fling, the “hotter” you become. Take a break from Fling, and your hotness factor goes back down until you become active again.

Fling Sex Shop

So here you are in Fling, talking with sexy people, maybe doing some sexting, checking out as many nude photos as you can. It makes sense that you might want some extra play or that you’re all hot and horny and need a little release. The Fling Sex Shop lets you buy sex toys like vibrators, restraints, lube, leather, plus porn on DVD and ships it to your address. Once your order arrives, you can use your new toys while you’re hooking up online. Charges on your account from the Fling Sex Shop will show as Gamelink.

Navigating Fling

Fling is part hookup and dating website and part live cam website, with the help of Getting around the website is fairly easy. Most of the action happens on the member homepage. Paid members get more access than free members so while you’ve got a free account, you might not see all of this.

  • Find a fling
  • See who’s online now
  • Rate other users and see who’s cute
  • Pick what you’re in the mood for: online flirting, meeting in person, serious relationship, or sugar Daddy/baby
  • Trending now
  • Premium live cams
  • Members who stream
  • Featured members
  • Who’s viewed me
  • My friends
  • Premium content
  • Popular member photos
  • Popular member videos

From your member page, use the tabs to navigate around Fling to find your next hookup, sexy chat, or whatever gets you off.


To help you find the most hookups and flings, Fling gives you multiple ways to search for hotties.

  • Search Members
  • Advanced Search
  • SMS Users
  • Most Popular
  • Browse
  • New Faces
  • Who’s Viewed Me
  • Online Now
  • Mood Statuses: online flirting, meeting in person, serious relationship, sugar Daddy/baby
  • Members Live Streaming

Online Now

The “Online Now” section isn’t just a random list of everyone currently on Fling, waiting to meet their match. You can narrow down your results to find people you might want to talk to or meet up with. Find a fling by putting in what you’re looking for:

  • Sexual preference
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Country
  • City/Zip
  • Members who are: online, users with photos, SMS verified, video chatting, live streaming, verified photos


Want to talk to people on Fling? You can use video chat, as long as you have Adobe Flash Player. Join one of the group chat rooms and talk to multiple people at once. And if you’d like to potentially earn a little money, you can choose the “Go Live” option and let others chat with you.

Trending Now

If you like to know what other people think are hot or who’s popular, Trending Now is a great place to start.

  • Trending Now
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Premium Content: You must purchase credits in order to view. You can also upload your own premium content.

Live Cam

If you’re looking for women, your Live Cam section will say Live Girls. You can narrow down what you watch based on what you love most.

  • Big Tits
  • Teen (18+)
  • MILF
  • Latina
  • Ebony
  • Asian
  • Big Ass

Payments and Refunds

Payments can be made at Fling by credit or debit card online. You can also make payments by phone. Your Trial Membership automatically upgrades to the standard monthly membership unless you cancel your membership before the end of the trial. If you believe you’ve been billed in error, you have 30 days to report the problem in order to request a refund. After the 30 days, the charge will be considered correct and will not be refunded.

Fling assures members that all charges will be discreet on your credit or bank statement. They do not, however, indicate what you can expect to see on your statement.

Tech Issues

Customer service is available 24/7 online or by phone. The Help page does not offer a lot of information but it can answer some basic questions, as well as offer simple technical troubleshooting if you’re unable to view live cams or access photos and other features on Fling.

You can access Fling on iOS and Android using the mobile website ( You’re able to use the full site from your mobile device.


Fling offers a 24/7 Profile Review Team to check reviews and make sure everyone in the community is a real person. Fling also prohibits solicitation and requests for money from any member in the community. Members are asked to report problems so they can be dealt with immediately.