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DirtyRoulette connects you with random people all over the world via webcam. Chats take place in random one-on-one scenarios only, allowing you to skip to the next person or get filthy with the one in front of you!

The DirtyRoulette Brand

On DirtyRoulette, nobody has to know who you truly are because you don’t have to create an account. Simply turn on your webcam and jump straight into a conversation, or peep show, or whatever you prefer! Simplicity is key here. There are no frills and there certainly isn’t any beating around the bush – excuse the pun! People are coming here for one thing and one thing only. To connect with a like-minded filthy individual via webcam and to take their kit off!


There is no registration required, in fact you don’t even need to choose a nickname! All you need to do is give permission for the site to access and activate your webcam and microphone.

Desktop/Mobile Capability

DirtyRoulette is one of only a few websites that allow you to watch live cams on your mobile device for free. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a smartphone or a tablet, you can connect on the go with ease. So you’ll never miss out on the opportunity to enjoy some hot naked cam action and raunchy sex chat! Quite why you would want to take such behaviour to the supermarket, library or coffee shop – we have no idea! But the option is there should you need it!

User Experience

If you’re looking for a chat service with lots of different categories and topics to choose from, and a site full of additional activities away from that chat service itself, then you are in the wrong place. This is a one-stop-shop for one thing only and that is to connect you to strangers around the world via webcam.

For this reason, after a short while, the user experience can get tiresome and a little boring. This is mainly due to the fact, as mentioned previously, the site is dominated by the male population – and they are all half naked! Even if this is how you get your kicks – it surely must become tiresome at some point. The service acts as a virtual conveyor belt supplying random video streams of various penises. How exciting can that be and for how long, really?

You can use the ‘girls only’ function that connects users with women only – obviously. But in order to do this you must first verify you are over the age of 18. To do so, you must input some payment details – which we just wouldn’t do on a site like this. The only time we would hand over payment information is when paying for something and your money is better spent elsewhere!

Safety and Security

There is a little message written in the footer of this website that says the following:

You must be an adult over 18 years of age to use this site. Dirty Roulette disclaims responsibility for any and all user actions.

As far as safety/security messages are concerned, that’s about as good as it gets! Considering this service allows users to chat totally anonymously, you would think some messages around keeping confidential and not giving away any of your personal information would be present. Nope! Not one!  So on behalf of DirtyRoulette we will tell you ourselves, be careful with what you say and what you give away on this website!

Customer Service

DirtyRoulette features a pretty comprehensive list of FAQs, should you need a quick answer to a common question. For anything else, you can contact the site owners via the contact page. Here, you input your name, email address, subject line and message. Click send and then wait for a response – who knows how long you will wait though!?


As you can tell from the tone of this review so far, DirtyRoulette is not high on our list of favorite chat rooms. This is very much a gimmick and one that doesn’t keep you entertained for more than 5 minutes. There is a distinct lack of options or additional features and the level of customer service is extremely poor.

The only good thing we can say about DirtyRoulette is that the site has a great design that is ridiculously easy to use. Oh, and the cam footage can be quite humorous at times too. Aside from that, the service has very little else to offer. We give Dirty Roulette a 2.8!