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Chatzy is a free to use chat platform with a desktop and mobile version. There’s also an Android app available but as yet no app for iOS users. The platform feels like an old-school chatroom back in the days of dial-up internet and is very easy to use, allowing you to share images or videos and text chat in private or public chat rooms.

The Chatzy Brand

Chatzy doesn’t seem to have much of a brand presence and it’s not immediately clear who is behind the design and creation of the platform. The brand has a Twitter account but this doesn’t appear to be regularly updated and there isn’t much in the way of information about the developers online. Chatzy seems to rely on word of mouth recommendations from current users and its reputation as one of the most popular chatroom platforms to grow its user base.


One of the best things about Chatzy is that it’s really quick and easy to get started chatting. There’s no registration required and it takes seconds to create your own private room. If you want to sign up to the premium service then you’ll need to register with your email address or sign in with your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Microsoft account. Registration is also required if you want to send feedback to Chatzy support.

There are two options for premium membership: premium user or premium room subscription. ‘Premium user’ only applies to you, in any room you visit; while ‘premium room’ subscription gives all users in one room premium status. If you don’t run your own rooms, the ‘premium user’ is probably the better option of the two. This gives you:

  • Unrestricted access
  • Unlimited private messages
  • No ads
  • Faster chat updates
  • No timeout after one hour of inactivity
  • Unlimited lists (limited to 40 items on desktop or 12 on Chatzy mobile for free users)
  • Secure 2048-bit SSL encrypted connections

‘Premium user’ costs from $2-3 a month and ‘premium room’ offers similar benefits plus the option to host your private chatroom on your own website or blog (with your own design).

Desktop/Mobile Capability

Chatzy is a desktop chat platform that’s compatible with all major browsers and there’s a mobile version of the site too, although some issues with functionality and speed of this have been reported. There’s also an Android app but as yet no app for iOS – bad news for iPhone users! The desktop version of the site offers the most feature-rich experience, loading fast and being easy to navigate. The Android app lacks notifications and some users have reported it’s hard to type when in the chatrooms.

User Experience

Chatzy’s layout and design feels a little dated. The clean, minimal layout of the platform is reminiscent of 90s chatrooms, although this makes it very easy to navigate and see where you should be clicking. The menu on the left-hand side takes you wherever you need to go, whether you are looking for FAQs, to send feedback to Chatzy or to search for a public room.

Everything loads fairly quickly and with no Flash or software download required, it’s easy to get started chatting and a seamless experience creating your own chatrooms on the desktop site. The app is a little glitchier and doesn’t give notifications.

Safety and Security

Chatzy’s private chat rooms are just that, private. Every chat room has an individual URL that only invitees can access, so you have total control over who visits your chatroom and who can see your chat. If you upgrade to a premium user subscription, you’ll benefit from secure 2048-bit SSL encrypted connections for even greater privacy and security.

If you have an unwanted user in your room or somebody is bothering you, you can ban them permanently using their email address or IP address. You can also choose to stop unregistered users from entering your chatroom or change the chatroom password to ‘uninvite’ people you have previously invited.

Customer Service

Chatzy’s customer service is one area that lets this reliable chatroom platform down. Although there is an extensive FAQ list with a valuable knowledgebase packed with all the information you’ll need to use the platform, there isn’t a clear way to contact support. You can choose to ‘Send Feedback’ but must be a registered user in order to do so, and it’s not clear how prompt Chatzy are at replying to user requests for support.


Chatzy is one of the most popular chat platforms out there with good reason. It’s 100% free and quick and easy to get started chatting, without the need for registration. However the dated design of the chat platform and unreliability of the Android app (as well as the lack of an app for iOS) may mean some users end up heading for a competitor’s platform.