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ChatIB is a free chat service that brings single men and women together in a friendly environment. You can chat to strangers from the USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia to name just a few. You have the option to participate in multiple chatrooms and discussion groups, or within one-on-one instant chat settings.

The ChatIB Brand

ChatIB is definitely more of a website than a brand – it doesn’t even have its own logo. You can get a general feel of what ChatIB is all about by reading the blog pages – but aside from that there is very little insight into the company itself and who/what is behind it. This can be seen as a good thing by many – as the site focuses more on the chat service rather than blowing their own trumpet!


With ChatIB you can log in without registration, so getting started is quick and easy. Just provide a username, your gender, age, country of residence and city of residence. That’s it! The captcha process is just a quick tick box to prove you are not a robot – simple and easy.

Desktop/Mobile Capability

ChatIB supports mobile, so you can use it wherever you go. The website also states you can download an app for iPhone and Android too. The app is apparently available on iPad and all other tablet devices too. However, when we searched for the app we couldn’t find it on the Play Store or on iTunes either. Strange! False advertising perhaps?

User Experience

The site’s design is a little cluttered, but still relatively easy to navigate once you get used to it. The colour scheme certainly doesn’t help – the turquoise-like green isn’t the best choice. Chatting to people is easy enough – with everything clearly displayed and signposted. For us though, the quality of chat is severely lacking on ChatIB – especially within the group chat rooms. As the main premise bases itself on one-on-one chat, the group chats can become a little boring. This is just our opinion though!

Safety and Security

ChatIB makes its stance on adult-related behaviour very clear with this messaging: It’s forbidden to use ADULT words here; non-respectful conversations will suspend your access. The site also features a lengthy safety page with a list of dos and don’ts – along with some advice on how to properly enjoy the site’s contents.

Customer Service

A simple contact form is the most amount of support you will find on this site. This asks for your name, email address and your message. We haven’t had any issues with the site yet or any reason to contact the site owners, so we have no idea how long it takes to receive a response.


ChatIB is a simplistic, no-frills chat service that enables people from all over the world to connect and become friends. Perhaps even more if you’re lucky! Overall, the site is fairly easy to use and navigate, despite the front page looking a little cluttered when you first load up. The colour scheme, in our opinion, is just ghastly! Luckily, this doesn’t affect the user flow/journey as much as some other awful colour schemes can.

In general, we don’t have much to complain about with ChatIB. On the other hand though, we don’t have much to shout about either! This is what we would call a ‘middle of the road’ chat service. It doesn’t do anything too spectacular, nor does it do too much wrong either. Customer service is severely lacking and there aren’t many additional features, elements, bells or whistles to play with. This is about as bad as it gets though – which isn’t the end of the world for a chat service.

If you manage to make some friends, or perhaps find a special partner, then we can imagine this will become a thoroughly enjoyable website for you. Especially if you make friends with a big crowd of people. Regular visitors will become part of a clique and this may make the experience a lot more enjoyable. For a new starter though, we just found ourselves getting more bored by the minute!

For all of these reasons, we are sat on the fence with ChatIB, giving it a 4.5 out of 10!