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Chat Random is a cam-based chat service that allows you to connect with thousands of random strangers worldwide. Different to many other random cam chat rooms, this one lets you enter specific chat rooms with dedicated subject matters. So you can choose the type of conversation to suit you!

The Chat Random Brand

The Chat Random brand sells itself (not literally, as it’s fee) on being different from the rest. How? By allowing users to choose the type of conversation they want to have before starting their random cam connection. On their About page they claim to be one of the most popular video chat sites available online today – which is some statement! Especially considering they’ve only been around since 2011!


As with most free random cam-based chat rooms, no registration is required for Chat Random. Simply choose your gender and press Start.

Desktop/Mobile Capability

There is an app available and you can use the site via your mobile browser too – the app is much slicker and faster of course! Is it worth downloading? That depends on how often you’re likely to use Chat Random. How often do you like to talk to complete strangers?

User Experience

As mentioned above, the Random Chat brand provides the illusion that you have a choice on what sort of conversation you want to have. In theory, this should work. It is a little constricted given the fact we are provided with just six topics – so it’s not exactly a wide choice – but the theory should still work nonetheless. If you choose College Chat you would expect to have a conversation around college studies, examinations or parties – right?

Wrong! As we said, this is an illusion or at least false. Because no matter which topic you choose, ultimately you end up seeing the same thing – a man sat alone, at home, usually in bed or in an office chair, staring into the camera and often doing naughty things to himself. If this is your kind of thing then rock your socks off – you will love it here. It’s actually quite funny at first, even if it’s not your kind of thing. Ultimately though, it gets very boring, very quickly.

Safety and Security

Aside from this Helpful Tips section, there isn’t much else on the site that discusses user safety or security. A warning on the bottom left-hand side of the screen states that this site should be used by over 17s only – and that by using the service you agree to their Terms of Service. All of this jargon is just what you’d expect to find though – so Chat Random haven’t gone above and beyond here.

Customer Service

We searched high and low but could not find any method of contacting the site owners. The About page didn’t contain any contact information and there isn’t a designated page for site messages either. You can follow the brand via social media, so we guess you can approach the site owners through Facebook, Twitter etc.

Apart from that, the site does have a helpful section that functions almost like an FAQ page. Here you can find common questions and answers, as well as questions specific to certain chat rooms. It isn’t much but at least it’s a start!


If you’re experiencing a random cam-chat service like Chat Random for the first time, then you’re going to get a lot of laughs! This is a surreal and often hilarious experience you’ll remember forever. You may think right now that this idea is genius and you can’t wait to start talking to more random strangers from all over the world. This will fade quite quickly though – along with the novelty of it all.

Let’s be honest, the premise is great, but the execution does not live up to expectations. The site suggests this service is different from any other as you can choose the type of conversation you want to have. However, all avenues seem to lead to the same destination with Chat Random, as all topic choices provide the same experience. The site is jam-packed with men sat at home alone, many of whom are in the mood for something more than a polite conversation!

If the idea of talking to random, randy men is getting you all hot under the collar then you’ll love this place. If you prefer something with a little more substance and mental appeal, this will be nothing more than a gimmick to you. Still, the site is super quick and very easy to navigate, so if it is your kind of thing, at least you’ll get to it quickly! We score Chat Random a 4 out of 10!