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A long-running, widely popular cam site with hot models, has been turning people on since 1999. Now a part of the Friend Finder Networks, it’s much more than hotties chatting with the horny. It’s interactive in a 21st century kind of way! is completely free to join but if you want to do more than look at hot, sexy naked people, you’re going to need to buy tokens. Depending on exactly what you’re looking for – from some solitary one-handed fantasy material or the opportunity to chat with a hottie – you’ve got plenty of options

Yes, the default with is the same default for most popular cam sites – girls, girls, girls. But if you’re into male or transgender models, there’s space for you here, too. As one of the largest providers of live model webcams in the world, you really can find whatever it is you crave. The needy and turned on can enjoy their cam lust on in one of ten different languages, too.

From the moment you arrive at, you get tobe a grown-up kid in a candy store – and by candy we mean gorgeous models having sexy fun for your benefit. See who’s available. Click on the model that catches your eye. Or dig deeper into the website to find exactly who and what turns you on and gets you off.

The best part about is that you don’t have to be a passive viewer, wanking away by yourself. With private chat, text message, and sex toy interaction options, you can get nearly as up close and personal as your wallet can handle.


When you arrive at, you can see who’s available to chat and play but to really get access, you’re going to need to become a member. Joining is as simple as entering a preferred username, your email, and a password. You don’t have to add a payment option or buy tokens (the currency of the site) immediately, but you’ll get a friendly reminder to do so every time you log in.

There are three membership levels on You don’t achieve a new level through activity like a video game but by deciding what kind of member you want to be. Everyone starts off as a Basic member. The next two levels are Premiere and VIP. Here’s how they work.

Basic Membership: You can interact with models during live shows and buy access (with your tokens) to their private photo galleries, recorded shows, private one-on-one time, and nude shows.

Premiere Membership: You get everything in Basic membership, plus free access to hot webcam galleries, Instant Notification features, and you can contact any model directly. Premiere members pay a monthly membership fee and have a $300 per day spending limit. You also get 10 percent off all live videos and five free recorded shows from any model on the site. You can upgrade to Premiere at any time.

VIP Membership: No one is granted VIP status automatically. You have to apply first, and you’re not eligible to apply until you’ve been a member for at least two months. As a VIP member, you get unlimited daily spending, six months of Premiere Membership for free, and access to 25 free recorded shows.

Tokens are the currency of choice on Prices are subject to change but as of publication, currently there are four levels:

  • $12 for 100 tokens
  • $26 for 250 tokens
  • $50 for 500 tokens
  • $99 for 1000 tokens

At times, offers special deals like bonus tokens with every purchase or bonus tokens for new members. Take advantage of that to make your money go a little farther.

If you become a big spender on – buying tokens to pay for time in shows, tipping your favorite models, or get some private interaction – it may make sense to level up your membership for the extra perks.


If all you do at is watch live videos for a few tokens, that’s cool. But you might be missing out on some of the best and most unique features of the entire site. Yes, you can click on a models video, watch them, get yourself off, read their bio, and tip them. Just like many other cam sites.

But offers so much more than that.

At the most basic level of added goodness, you can join a model’s Fan Club. You join for a fee and get a 10 percent discount on nude and private chats. You also get free access to their galleries, pre-recorded shows, special videos, and email privileges. When you find models that do good work and keep you coming back for more, taking advantage of a perk like this enhances your experience.

But wait…there’s more.

Become a Top Admirer, and you get access to the models you adore most. Everytime you publicly tip or send a virtual gift (all with tokens, of course), it counts towards the Top Admirer Program. You must – over a 30 day period – offer a minimum of 200 tokens to your favorite sexy model in Tips and Virtual Gifts before you can be considered for a Top Admirer spot. There are three levels you can achieve:

  • Top 5 Admirer: You get an icon next to your name in chat letting that model know you’re a top admirer. Don’t be surprised if you get a little extra attention because of that icon.
  • Top 3 Admirer: In addition to the icon, you’ll get free access to that model’s nude show photos and unlimited messages with them.
  • Top Admirer: Now you get all of that plus free access to that model’s recorded shows.

It’s important to know that your Top Admirer status is determined by your activity in the last 30 days. If you want to keep that special status and access, you’ll have to keep tipping and sending virtual gifts.

With those two options, you’re only getting warmed up at The site has three ways to interact on a very personal level with models you can’t get enough of. Let’s break these down.

Text Me

Don’t want to sit at your computer or watch a show? Would you rather connect on a more personal level? offers a Text Me feature that lets you get your freak on via sext wherever you are.

  • Send a text to a model in your contacts from your phone. You’ll be charged whatever the model’s listed price per message might be – so read that carefully.
  • will receive your message and forward it to the model’s real phone number. No, you don’t get access to their digits.
  • When the model gets your text message, they’ll only see your username – not your phone number to protect your privacy.
  • They’ll reply and the process happens in reverse with getting the message before sending it on to you.

You’re not charged for messages a model sends you, only for what you send. If your message is longer than 160 characters that will count as two messages. You can even tip by text message by sending TIP and a number of tokens so TIP50 is 50 tokens and TIP75 is 75 tokens.


Do you enjoy having a little bit of control? Or are you curious to find out what it’s like? You’re going to want to check out Buzzmode. The first step is easy – look for cam models who offer Buzzmode. It’s the first option under Show Types on the homepage when you log in so it’s not hard to find.

Once you choose the model you want to watch and interact with, you can send tokens to control their sex toy. That’s right, you’re driving their vibrator and controlling what they feel and when. The more tips they get, the more buzzy fun they feel. If you’re not on a power-high after that, maybe the next option is more your style.


The Connexion option from is definitely for members with a penis. Why? Because you’ll need the Lovense Max, a masturbation stroker, to play along. In this interactive option, the model you select will control your pleasure. And if that gets you hot and hard, then this might be the option for you.

  • Buy your Lovense Max.
  • Follow the instructions to connect your toy to your computer.
  • Install a specific app on Google Chrome
  • Connect your toy to via the app
  • Take a Connexion model to private chat and have a good time together.

And if you’ve got any strength left in you when you’re done, tip the model that made you feel so freaking good.

Navigating has a very simple layout that’s easy on the eyes and easier to navigate. The main page can be accessed when you login by clicking on the logo or the tab at the top of your screen that says “Models Online.” The default is for women but you can click over to men or transgender models if that’s more your style.

On the left sidebar, you’ll see filter options to narrow down your search. Those filters include age, ethnicity, specialty (threesomes, couples, etc.), body type, kinks, and hair color. You may spend the majority of your time in this main section, but there are other ways to navigate using the tabs.

Models Online: This is the main page with most of the action.

My Models: These are the models you’ve favorited, the Fan Clubs you’ve joined, and anyone you’ve recently watched.

Messages: Any system or personal messages will be found here.

Recorded Shows: You can search for old shows, and filter by Top Rated, Newest, Most Viewed, and more or even search by category or date of the show.

Advanced Search: Here is where you can really narrow down your preferences. If you’re really picky about what turns you on, use this option. It’s a checkbox system so you don’t have to choose between one preference like hair color and another like body type. You can have it all.

Tags: This is a newer feature that uses a hashtag system to help you find the topics you’re most interested. Some popular tags are #anal, #squirt, #ass, #tits – you get where this is going. Don’t care who the model is as long as they’re doing something with a specific tag? Find them here.

Interactive: This tab is where you find information about texting, Buzzmode, and Connexion.

Payments and Refunds

As you can tell, spending money makes a better experience for members. Having cash to burn is great, especially on a sexy model giving you an orgasmic experience, but what about the money? Here’s a rundown of what you need to know:

  • accepts multiple forms of payment: credit cards, payments by fax or mail, and Bitcoin.
  • Their system calculates what you owe by the minute. There can be a delay in the technology so if you close out at 2:59, you might still be charged for three full minutes.
  • Credit card payments show as STEAMRAY.COM on your statement.
  • You can put your Premiere membership on auto renew if you want.

Refunds are available if you have tech problems and can’t watch a show or use an interactive experience. Refunds are sometimes available if you had a bad show. Full refunds are available as long as you log-out of a show with a model within the first minute or two. Stay longer than that, and you may only get a partial refund.

Tech Issues doesn’t get into specifics but in their Help/Contact page, they assure members that their payments and site access are completely secure. That page is the place to go for any questions you might. It’s one of the most detailed FAQs you’ve probably ever seen on an adult cam site. But if your question or problem still isn’t answered, you’ll easily find the contact information for billing questions and technical problems.