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Camfrog is an online video chat community, featuring lots of different user-created rooms discussing a wide range of different topics. The service works by letting users create their own room with a live video feed. You can invite people you already know or make new friends with ease.

The Camfrog Brand

The Camfrog brand is very similar to the Tiny Chat brand – another webcam-based chat service that looks almost exactly the same as this one. We are not 100% sure if both websites are owned by the same company, but we would not be surprised if this is the case. The layout, design and approach to the chat room etiquette is almost identical – only one is available to stream (Tiny Chat) and the other via download (Camfrog).


You have to download Camfrog software in order to register and sign on to use the service. This can be off-putting for some and may cause many people to look elsewhere for a chat service.

Desktop/Mobile Capability

You can download an app for both iOS and Android devices, which is great news for everyone! This means you can chat with millions of other users, in thousands of different chat rooms, no matter where you are in the world!

User Experience

Camfrog is a bit different to most other cam chat services online today. It’s almost like a popularity contest in a way – as you have to promote your room to gain a reputation and a following. You can create your own virtual space on any topic or category – or join in somebody else’s chat. The user journey is interrupted somewhat by the download process, but if you’re fine with this it shouldn’t affect your overall experience too much.

The mobile app version of the site is slick, smooth and enjoyable. You will have lots of fun using this site on your mobile or tablet device. The approach is quite unique and everything about the site is a little different to what you’ve seen before (aside from maybe Tiny Chat). Easy to navigate, easy to use and easy to get chatting. All round – quite easy!

Safety and Security

The site contains a privacy policy and a terms of service document, as you’d expect. There is also a page dedicated to a warning against Camfrog crack codes. Crack codes are used to access paid services, without actually paying for them. Here you can see a stark warning from Camfrog, suggesting that some of these crack are actually Trojan viruses.

Is this true, or does Camfrog just want all your money? We’d tend to believe Camfrog on this one! Don’t accept any dodgy offers for free entry to any paid service – no matter the circumstances. It’s all about using your head and knowing nothing comes for free in this world!

Customer Service

There is a simple guide section and a little FAQ list on site, although both elements fail to provide any real detail. You can contact the site using their Contact Page or attempt to reach out via their social media channels. Overall, Camfrog doesn’t totally ignore their customers, but they don’t do a whole lot to reach out to them either.


If you didn’t have to download anything, then we’d have very little to say about Camfrog that is negative. Sure, customer service isn’t the most detailed, but maybe it isn’t needed for such a smooth and well-oiled service. The functionality of the cam service is supreme, with great connectivity most of the time. There are plenty of different rooms to choose from too, or you can host your own and try build a reputation.

Everything about Camfrog is fresh, funky and a lot different to other cam-based chat rooms out there. As mentioned, the need for a download does let the service down quite badly. For some this may be inconsequential, but for others the prospect of downloading software is a no go! This is especially true for the digitally inexperience, who may be intimidated by the thought of a download process.

Overall though, we enjoyed our time on Camfrog and we would definitely go back again. We can imagine it takes a little bit of time to really get going and build a following. But still, the website is enjoyable nonetheless and you can always take part in other people’s chats. We think Camfrog is a chat service that is slightly above average in the cam-chat market. So we give it a solid 6 out of 10!