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Buzzen Chat is an extremely popular, feature-packed desktop chat service, with over 20,000 members. From playing arcade games to chatting with new friends and listening to Buzzen’s online radio – this really is a social hive of activity. The site takes a bit of getting used to at first, but it’s well worth your patience!

The Buzzen Chat Brand

The look and feel of the Buzzen Chat brand is almost reminiscent of old Myspace – everything is boxed off and neatly organised in that respect. The site has over 20’000 members, which it proudly displays front and centre on the homepage. The site is free but there is an option to donate some cash if you are a real advocate of the brand.

Buzzen Chat reinforces their brand and its message through their social channels, including Facebook and Twitter. This is a nice touch, as it shows the people behind the brand are willing to step forward and be recognised.


The best thing about Buzzen Chat’s registration process is that you can sign in with Facebook – which is in-keeping with most modern subscription/registration pages these days. Alternatively, you can sign up using their online submission form.

On the form it asks you for an email address, your DOB, country of residence, a profile name and a password. The captcha is modern again too, with a simple tick box. You are sent a verification email, with a link to click to fully activate your account. This opens up a screen with a pre-populated activation code and an entry field for you to input your chosen password. Enter this and you’re in!

Desktop/Mobile Capability

There is no mobile service or functionality for this chat site whatsoever. You can look at this in two different ways. On the one hand, you could say it is disappointing that a popular chat site in 2018 has not broadened its horizons into the mobile market. However, you can also appreciate that mobile isn’t what Buzzen Chat is about. Why venture into something you didn’t plan to be when you can be solid and reliable at what you already do so well? For now…watch this space!

User Experience

Buzzen Chat has ups and downs when it comes to user experiences. The site loads pretty quickly (apart from any of the games) and there are over one hundred chat rooms to choose from on any given day. The homepage interface is extremely useful, offering a news feed and a list of popular chat rooms. The site is packed to the rafters with tons of additional features too, including:

  • Your own photo album
  • User blogs
  • News channel
  • Online radio
  • Arcade games

However, the site does let itself down slighty in terms of user journey. When you click find a room, the chat room list is very messy and a bit clunky, meaning finding a chat room isn’t the easiest. The feed is almost like a forum type Q&A page – rather than a simple list of chat rooms. Once you’re in though, it is everything you’d expect to see from a normal chat room interface.

Safety and Security

The website has a privacy agreement and a detailed code of conduct document for anyone to access and read. You must tick a box to say you have read and agree to these terms before you can register. One of the most important rules is that users must be over the age of 16 – and the DOB fields on the registration form are used to collect/approve that information. From our own experience, and from looking at user reviews online, Buzzen Chat is a very safe, calm and enjoyable environment to meet new people and chat. So relax and enjoy yourself!

Customer Service

The support section of the site is excellent – it really does lead the way in terms of chat room customer service. There are multiple avenues you can access here – from a ‘How To’ forum to FAQs and a support ticket system. This works very well too. You just enter your email address and query – then wait for the site administrators to respond. You can expect a response and some form of assistance pretty quickly too – so full marks all round here!


Overall, Buzzen Chat is a very enjoyable, friendly and sociable place to hang out online. With so many features and great profile customisation, this is more than just a place to chat. You can build your own little network and community of friends, almost similar to social media platforms like Myspace and Facebook of old.

Customer support, user safety and the variety of options make this chat service score very highly. But unfortunately, some elements of the user journey and the site’s ease of use can let it down. For these reasons, Buzzen Chat scores a magnificent 7.5!